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Name: fastlearnerd
Birthday: Apr 16 1999
Location: MA
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 30 Nov 2016

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I'm a gamer that does gaming videos for youtube. i am at the advanced/master level of magic/magick (novice to master to legendary)i am a fast learner. im interested in teleporting,flying,shape-shifting,pyro-kinises( any kinises ),conjuring/summoning,invisibility and making spells. i can make anything with a psi ball (from a piece of grass to weapons and armor, you can only see the outline of them but you can feel them) i have not opened my third eye. my favorite animal(S) are 1:wolf 2:owl. i am teaching my very close friends magic/magick (what i know of ).

what i know of

white magic: healing, defensive, nature, and whether control

black magic: curse, offensive, hex, advanced necromancy, and conjuring

also i can help with telekinesis and telepathy also im 17 and i know all this because of my past lives

(not taking any students at the moment will answer questions. if you see/sense any portal tell me where and ill shut it down cause there draining magic out of us and there is only one way of shutting them down. also if you find ANY girl in your dreams or near you with black hair, burnt face, looks about 14 yrs old, and is controlling wind i highly advise you to RUN OR WAKE UP message me what happened what she was doing/saying and hope you don't die tomorrow,have fun!)

if your wondering about my past lives don't theirs to many plus my body is 17 my soul is however much older ( by older i mean almost 4 billion universes old ) also am king of paranormal/supernatural i am angel-demon, werewolf, decendent of merlin, and son of aries thats how im king there is the multi-verse and then there's the magic world ruled and governed by merlin it is out of time and space when the universes die it lives on then the multi-verse begins again all things happening again except for me i live through it all remember it all so if you have questions just ask.


i am at war with the girl mentioned above so a lot of thing are changing and the barrier between magic and non magic is growing thinner so soon the two worlds will colide


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