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Name: Jetcity
Birthday: May 1 1966
Location: Seattle
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 06 Jul 2014

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Greetings one and all. I've been involved with witchcraft for many years now, but at the same time I'd say that I feel like I am somewhat new to it. I've always been of the opinion that our minds can do wonderful and fantastic things but that society keeps most of us down, as we're taught from the beginning that magick is just make believe. My mother has always been a believer in the traditional God, but she also had a very open mind about everything and has never believed in many of the teachings of traditional churches. She herself is very psychic in certain ways and cast her own brand of spells, so my brothers and I were always raised to keep an open mind and to decide for ourselves what works for us. I can't remember exactly when I discovered Wicca, but when I did it was like an awakening and I remember thinking to myself, "ahhhh, so this is what I am!"

When I say that I feel that I am still somewhat new to it all, it's because I feel like I've barely scratched the surface and the majority of casting and rituals I've done was with another and she took the lead. For example: I've been to circle many times but I was never the one to create it.

I've found in my life that I always feel ALOT better when I am doing spiritual things on a regular basis. It just has always given me a sense of comfort and made me feel like I'm a bit more in control of my life. For some reason though I find that I tend to slip out of it and so now I am making an effort to change that again. I want to really dig deeper into it this time than I have ever been and I want to make it a part of my regular life.

I respect all religions and am always open to learning. My fiance is actually Catholic and so I've been learning a bit more about that religion as of late. It still does not fit my beliefs, as Wiccan doesn't fit hers, but it's very interesting learning about the differences.


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