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Name: TrevorJames
Location: Wodonga Australia
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 24 Jul 2016

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My name is Trevor im 21 years old and looking for some new friends.

im not very advanced at spells but am i practice energy manipulation visualization healing a bit of past/future viewing talking with spirits, summoning things like elements i practice a little bit of qi gong and tia chi i believed anything is possible with the power of the mind i read in a book illumination is the highest state of consciousness and i hope to achieve this state one day if you get to know me ill share my knowledge of hand positionings and craft that will transform you into a supernatural being with abilities like telepathy invisibility time travel manifesting your desires controlling the energy flow within and out of your body developing intuition healing and deepen your connection with the elements and eventually summon them.

i meditate i can talk to animals and im a first level reiki student may love and light follow you through the darkest of times.

Random story when i was like 7 or 8 i was lying in bed and the energy in the room was pulsating and really intense then a face popped up he had a pale long face with a large nose and he was wearing a jesters hat with skulls instead of beels.

anyway then he pulled out his hand and slid out a card from behind it which was the ace of spades then from behind that card he slid out the ace of diamonds then he slid that one in front of the other and told me to put it somewhere.

so i put it on my wrist and i've now got a perfect diamond in my veins.

then he gave me the spade and i put it on my ankle and i've also got a birth mark there too.

then he revealed two heads on sticks and pushed one forward and more faces came out behind it and he said these are your enemys then did the same with the other and said these are your friends.

weird as if anyone knows or has heard of anything like that happening could you please drop me a message it would be much appreciated.

i've asked some people and they told me it was the Joker spirit

Im Looking for someone to practice energy with over webcam so if you feel like practing energy with me drop me a line


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