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Name: Arlas
Birthday: Oct 25 1993
Location: Marysville, WA, US
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 12 Jul 2014

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Personal Bio
Hello there, my name is Terry and I am a spiritualist. I don't particularly play with magicks, but I do deal in energy work and auras. Unfortunately, being a mere novice, there isn't much I can do, nor know how to do. However, I do practice often and try as hard as I can (though people tell me to let it come naturally). I used to work in a metaphysical shoppe as a mere cashier, but I often gave spiritual advice in topics I knew.

A little about my "life system" and the Spirits that I pray to:

In short, Lizerianism is based around the concept of Peace and Tranquility with as minimal fighting as possible. The lone believer (the author) had, at the time: no religion, no sense of well-being and most notably, no self-respect. One night however, he was sleeping; dreaming a wonderful dream, this young man came to see a young shapely cat-like woman. He approached her, and asked her name. She replied "Lirialia." The two spoke until morning, when the man woke up, which was 2 hours later. In the dream, he spoke to her about his life, his passions and his business life. On every subject, the two dream entities had very intelligent conversations, leading up to the end when Lirialia said, "Oop, time to wake up." The author seemed disappointed and awoke to his alarm blaring in his ear.

The next night at 10 o' clock, he tried to fall asleep, to no avail. His impatience seemed to be keeping him awake, what with his agitation and all. Finally, after relaxing to music, he fell asleep again, to re-enter the same dream as the night before. When he returned to the same place in the dream, he saw a new woman, a wolf with blue fur in a flowing navy blue dress. He approached her and introduced himself and she did to him. Her name was Azala, she claimed to be a friend of Lirialia's. Later in the dream, the two came across another woman, whom Azala called out to as "Ario". As in the night previous, the author and Azala spoke on terms that they had set through conversation. Ario chimed in every once in a while, but she wasn't a prominent part of the conversation. Three hours later, Azala stood up and said, "I must depart you now, happy return to Terra." Then she disappeared, Ario too. The author awoke in a fright to his alarm again, blaring in his ear.

On the third night, he reappeared at where he had left off, however, three manly like figures stood before him. One was a deer, one a lion and one a wolf with gray and black fur. They introduced themselves to the author, the deer was named Gno, the lion: Haickho (Pronouced Hi-k-cho), and the wolf was called Paquosho (Pah-kwoh-shoh). The three gentlemen took a seat and the author joined them. They spoke of manly things for an hour or two, but the subject was abruptly changed. The three ladies from the previous nights also appeared. Then the six of them spoke in unison... a sort of monotonic voice, as if they were one mind. The six of them spoke of spirits, and claimed to be spirits. "We are the Lizerian Spirits" they said, "We bring peace and tranquility to all peoples. Though we are weak alone, together we are strong."

The author was stunned, his dreams were beginning to weird him out to the nth degree. The dream-entities continued talking, "You have been chosen by us, as our messenger. Should you choose to accept..." they paused a moment and began to whisper amongst themselves. to the author, it was incoherent babble, but they seemed to be speaking in some native tongue of theirs. After several minutes, they continued. "You shall see more of us, but for now, it is time to awaken."

The author woke up and noticed that something wasn't quite right, he put on his glasses and as soon as he did, he saw Lirialia standing in front of him, clear as day. "Hello," she said, "We told you that you'd be seeing more of us."

Throughout the day, Lirialia appeared at convenient times and the author and she spoke. She explained who the Lizerians were and what they were here to do. Supposedly, most of them had been killed off in early history, quietly, so as not to have the information leaked to scribes. They were claimed to be witches and heretics and either burned at the stake, or simply smote or assassinated. Lizerians were a peaceful group, and didn't ever hurt anyone, but they did use a great deal of psychic abilities and it was mistaken as sorcery.

By the end of the month, the author had a small understanding of what he had to do to restart Lizerianism, to this day, he still is the only Lizerian to have contact with the spirits, and wants it to stay that way.

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Root: under-active (-6%)

Sacral: open (12%)

Navel: under-active (-19%)

Heart: open (62%)

Throat: open (50%)

Third Eye: open (44%)

Crown: under-active (0%)


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