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Name: XboxGurl
Birthday: Aug 20 1998
Location: Like I know
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 26 Aug 2013

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**Last Updated July 18th**

Hello(: Dont messge me a lot unless you need a spell casting or I message you first.*******

Hey! Welcome to my SoM profile, I am new, but not to the use of charms, or a lot of casting. I wanted a diffrent username without using my name, BUT any that I could think of were taken and due to rules I couldn't add characters to make it diffrent. SO I chose something I do a lot, Xbox gaming. I am very dedacteted to learning more, if chose a coven (When I do) I will be extreamly dedacted to it as well. I promise to particapate. To be active in areas where needed . I will be on as much as I can, no exuses but that either: 1. Power/Wifi/Internet is not working. 2. Tecnical problems. Although I do not see that happening any time soon.

I like the idea of magic, but I dont believe a lot of it to be real. I believe if you put enough energy and strength into a charm, or spell it has a really good chance of working. Its the magic that makes it work, and its your desire for whatever it is your wishing for.

-I will cast good charms, and spells your way if you message me to. All I need is your full REAL name, and the name of whoever else you may want in the casting of the spell you choose. Because its someone casting it for you it may; 1. Take longer. 2. Be very weak. Or 3.Not work the way you wanted it to.

~For Spell Requests: Always add what kind of spell.~

-Love spells; Rules. 1. I will try my best, and repeat the casting for you up to a week. 2. If it was truly NOT meant to be, then it will NOT work. 3. You cant always force it.

-Healing spells; Rules. 1. I need to know exactly what it is that needs healing. If its a broken heart, look at rules for love spells. 2. A lot of the time its better if you preform the casting yourself, because you know them personally, they are strangers to me so I can?t add the warmth or desire you could. < That REALLY matters.

-Any other spells; Rules. 1. Anything BUT sex spells. (This includes BOTH genders.)

~About Me~ (If youre still reading)

My name is --------. I love casting for others(: If you like Anime, youre a friend of mine. I am very shy sometimes, so if I seem like I hate you, I don?t. If we talk a lot on here, we may become close friends.

I like CoD, Assassins Creed, RPG's, Hyperdemesion Neptunia, ect..

**Will add more later, not very good at these.**

Blessed be..


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