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Name: Dreaam
Location: Michigan
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 08 Jun 2016

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communication limit reached [ PICTURE IS NOT ME, im afr-am, french & asian not caucasian ] My Name Is Ashley ! ------------------------------------------------ But I Prefer Ashlee. I Practice Wiccan Magick And Well What Ever I Feel Is Right... ------------------------------------------------ Basically There Is A lot To Describe Me, But To Top It Off Im Just A Teenager Girl Who Wants To Be Different From Everyone Else I Wanna, See More, Hear More,Know More Than The Average Teen I Wanna Be... Unique I Wanna Be..... Different.I Love Nature, Its Beautiful ,I Always Wonder What Is Behind It All. ----------------------------------------------------------- I BELIEVE THAT LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT . LA VIDA ES LO QUE HACEN . lA VIE EST CE QU'ON EN FAIT . ---------------------------------------------------------- Do What Ever As Long As No One Gets Hurt/Harmed An Anyway Shape Or Form In The Process . ---------------------------------------------------------- Bide the Wiccan Rede ye must, In perfect love, in perfect trust. These eight words ye must fulfill: "An harm ye none, do as ye will." And ever mind the Rule of Three: "What thou sends forth returns to thee." Follow these with mind and heart, For merry ye meet, and merry ye part. -------------------------------------------------------------- Bide ye Wiccan laws ye must, in perfect love and perfect trust Live and let live, fairly take and fairly give Form the circle thrice about, to keep evil spirits out To bind ye spell every time, let ye spell be spake in rhyme Soft of eye, light of touch, speak lityl, listen much Deosil go by the waxing moon, singing out ye Witches' Rune Widdershins go by the waning moon, chanting out ye Baneful Rune When the Lady's moon is new, kiss your hand to her times two When the moon rides at her peak, then ye hearts' desire seek Heed the North wind's mighty gale, lock the door and trim the sail When the wind comes from the South, love will kiss ye on the mouth When the wind blows from the West, departed souls will have no rest When the wind blows from the east, expect the new and set the feast Nine woods in ye cauldron go, burn them fast and burn them slow Elder be the Lady's tree, burn it not or cursed ye'll be When the wheel begins to turn, soon the Beltain fires'll burn When the wheel has turned to Yule, light the log the Horned One rules Heed ye flower, bush and tree, by the Lady blessed be Where the rippling waters flow, cast a stone and truth ye'll know When you have and hold a need, harken not to others' reed With a fool no season spend, nor be counted as his friend Merry meet and merry part, bright the cheeks and warm the heart Mind the threefold law ye should, three times bad and three times good When misfortune is anow, wear the star upon your brow True in love ye must ever be, lest thy love be falst to thee I these eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill, an ye harm none, do what ye will. -----------------------------------------------------


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