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Name: NovoRege
Birthday: Nov 1996
Location: About halfway between Heaven and Hell
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 03 Jun 2014

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hm, well where to begin? I'd probably say at the very beginning; so hear it goes. I'm a proficiency born son of a preacher who in my little amount of time so far has seen enough spiritual/supernatural stuff to pity much solidify my stance on spirituality, creation, Demons, and fate.

I my self am quite certain I have discovered my own true religion and calling... Yet it quite entertains me to hear and/or help others with there own believes. As for my level as some would say? Let me put it this way, I've talked to God, I've seen and exorcised a possessed person, Hell I've even had a face to face conversation with Leviathan himself. So, I'd say I can comprehend just about anything you can throw at me.

So let's go down some things about me


Is there a divine being (Yes)

Are there Demons (Yes)

Are most Demons ill willed or evil (Quite a few but not all)

Are there such things as shape-shifters (...I'm on the right web sight right?)

Is fate inescapable (For some people yes, for others not as much)

Is there life after death (Yes)

Is there love at first sight (If the souls blend just right)

Are all of us going to Hell (Of course not; so long as your not striking out against God directly)


Well for the most part I'm very calm and get angered very rarely. When approaching a scenario I know might be tricky I like to think up a plan rather than just charge in full force, and yet I still manage to goof off in some sinairios. Most things don't bother me, but yet I still step in to help when I can. Unfochenetly my personality can shift slightly from a kindhearted Missionary to a dark heartened distructor so to speak. (That's what happens when you acidently obsorb half a Demon soul.... Long story.) So let's put I this way, if I were forced into a fight.... I would have enough varasity to defeat my apponent and I have enough honor that the final blow would not be a dick shot.

none the less onto thing I use to entertain myself.

Anime (like a troll)

Video games (Sorta goes with anime)

Texting ('cus why not)

Music (Mostly Rock, Metal, etc.)

and Football (Bet you didn't see that coming)

Things that annoy me

My little sister (Lol you know it's true)

Modern Politics

The Stupidity of the Mob


The Catholic Church

West baptist


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