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Name: AkariaNamaru
Location: In peace
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 22 Nov 2013

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I mainly work blood magick.

I create my own spells, and they work out quite well.

I am master of Alchemy.

My aura's element is Shadow.

My astrological element is Water

my spirit animal is the owl

my plant/herb is mistletoe

I study and or practice the following ;

Ceremonial Magick




Divination *Various Kinds*

Automatic Writing

Various Meditations





If your going to message me have the following:

Let it be on topic with a subject. I only talk about magick here and I do not like the games some people play.Use formal grammar and spell out your words. Do not ask me any questions regarding evocation/ summoning you obviously aren't experienced to even do that if you ask me. Fluff mail will be deleted and the sender will be automatically and quickly blocked.And on a last note : You can't physically change your appearance into a vampire/mermaid/werewolf etc. So please, do not message me about this nonsense and if you do, you will simply be ignored.

I wish everyone luck in finding themselves,their studies and or practices, and beliefs

IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not teach on-line students. However, I am always willing to try to answer specific questions if I can. I do not give out spells to others. Nor do I do spells for others that I do not know personally, so please don't ask.

Here are some basics

Meditation is one of the best ways to regulate your body; as it balances your emotions, hormones, blood pressure, thoughts and much more. In magic, meditation is considered an extremely important basic, as it is the foundation for many magical workings. There are an infinite number of ways to meditate which is useful because meditation can be customized for each individual. One technique is to just close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Although it seems very simple, it can do wonders in your life and magic workings.

Visualization is essentially creating an image in your mind much like a daydream. This technique is useful when doing your magical workings because if you can visualize the outcome of what you desire (say getting a good grade on a test) then you will have a higher chance of fulfilling that desire. (Getting an A+) To improve this skill, meditate regularly, and try to visual something you know well, such as a toy or jewelry. Form a mental image in your mind of the object, each time going further and further into detail. A popular technique by Laurie Cabot, is to visualize an apple. Begin by focusing on what the apple looks like (what color, shape, size?). When you have gotten a solid image in your mind (this may take a couple tries), try to reach out and feel the apple in your mind; what does it feel like? (Is it smooth, course, mushy, hard?) Next, begin to smell the apple; what does it smell like? Lastly, take a bite out of the apple, feel the juices running down your skin, hear the crunch as you bite into it, smell the sweet aroma, see the bite removed from the apple, and finally the taste. You may now finish your apple, as you enjoy the thought that you have successfully visualized it.

Grounding is an activity to balance your energy by removing excess, or replenishing, the energy in your body. Think of your body as a cup of water; as you do magical workings you drink/fill the cup. Grounding ensures that the water isn't completely used or overflowing. To ground yourself, a good technique is to visualize your body as a tree; grow your roots deep into the ground and spread your leaves. As energy comes from both the ground and the sun, visualize it replenishing yourself and allowing you to grow.

Centering is , in my opinion, the second step to grounding. This activity allows you to take your personal energy and mold it into 1 constant flow of energy. Think of centering as bringing together many small streams to form a strong and powerful river. To center yourself, visualize a silhouette of your body, twisting and turning with energy. As you continue, visualize the energy being condensed into 1 place in your body (typically the navel). Then, whenever you need to draw from your power visualize the energy bursting out from where you stored it.

Authurs To Read:

Judika Illes

Scott Cunningham

Raymond Buckland

Silver Ravenwolf

Sylvia Brown


Sites to share! All stores are ones I have used personally that I have trusted will not misuse or steal one's bank or credit information.

Books and Free Resources:

Bones :

Gemstones (Information) : Stones/Crystals:

Gemstones (Stores)

Herbs and Heirloom Seeds (Stores)


Occult Stores:


This link is for the Basics

This link is how to meditate

This link is for reading books for free

Spell Casting and Moon Phases

When possibly, perform spells at the appropriate phase of the moon:

The waxing moon is the best time to cast spells to find new love, prosperity spells and rituals and any spell that concerns attraction and growth, or putting plans into action.

The full moon offers a powerful energy to be used with care for expansion in everyday life, and personal magnetism. Also a wonderful time to celebrate the wonders of nature.

The waning moon is best suited to casting spells to release and diminish. Healing spells are particularly powerful as the moon darkens.

The new moon, also known as the dark moon, is a time for meditation, withdrawal to reflect, preparation ahead of action and seeking insight. Powers of divination are often at their peak at the new moon.


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