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Name: AustinARaney
Birthday: Sep 14 1998
Location: Ola, Arkansas
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 13 Jul 2013

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Personal Bio
RAPPER, Austin Allen Raney Born September 14, 1998. Going Under Artist Names Such As, Big A, Certs, A1A, and Curly Fry.

He started Writing Music in Late 2011, starting out got much hate from local On lookers, saying he was a Eminem Wanna Be and people kept telling him to stop acting black, many people said your wasting your time, go get a real job. This Didn't Stop Certs, he kept writing his music, and ignoring all negative feedback, he did not meet his goal in 2012 with a release of his first album. But He did release some stuff he recorded personally, but only gained more hate, still he ignored it, and told people "I Wouldn't Hate On Your Dream, and I Didn't tell you go listen to it, and no one else did."

Finally He Decided To Give up, then he moved back to his Home Town, In Ola, Arkansas. And People kept asking him to rap, and to just do a line or two, but he refused because he was afraid of their feedback. But one day the school had a free day, and the whole football team started calling him out, and finally he gave in, then started rapping for them, THEY to his surprise thought it was actually pretty good, they later all got in a circle, and guys who didn't Evan know how to rap came in, and tried. This Got Austin Raney, Thinking Why did I listen to all that hate, hey World I'm Back. He Then Got out his old rap book out of his many boxes in his closet then got to work.

Later In 2013 He Finally Get His Fist Album Out, I Be Tripping. With the songs I Be Tripping, Domination, Broken Road, Wanna Be A Thug(WITH TONE G), and What Have I Become. He Made An Account On A Webpage called and made RANK #12 on the charts in only a couple of weeks. Then After 3 Month Of His Album Being Out, he Reached RANK #1 For Russville, AR Rap music. Then He Release His Full Official Music Video For I Be Tripping, which made 5,000 views the first week, then 3 or so weeks later BOOM, POW BANG!!!!! over 21,000 views on his music video.

Now He Is Currently Working On His 2nd Album, Which Is Called: What's Inside. Which Austin Believes will make him 3 times bigger, he already has 1000's of fans he believes the release of his new album will make him gain 1000's more. He is also currently trying to get signed, so his new album will make a lot more money, He sold Over 100 Copy's just around the city on his 1st album, so if he succeeds in getting sign he believes that 100 will became, 100,000. Any way the 14 year old Boy From Arkansas, has A very good start on his career.


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