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Name: gingerlilly2
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 17 Apr 2014


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Hello there,

My name is gingerlilly i'm a 22 year old male and I'm a beginning practitioner of the occult arts. I'm kind and friendly individual with the love of learning new things. if you are ever interested in contacting me please do so at any time and ill try to respond. Just please don't ask me to do a spell because I haven't have the experience yet to do so, if you want me to send blessings or prayers i can help. always looking for a teacher to guide me in the ways of the arts, but if need be I can learn on my own. right now my goal is to communicate with spirits and help them and others find there place and to learn about the knowledge of the dieing process. im usually on chat most days so don't be afraid of Pm'ing me either.

Tips for anyone new to SOM

1.Respect is nessicary for SOM as we practioners of magic all have different beliefs and structures, also try to keep beliefs to self as it would cause the argument but don't be afraid to tell people what your path is as it's a frequent question asked in chat.

2. obey chat rules to the T, any slight rule breaking may issue as a gag, they are strict yes but they are enforced.

3. No fluffs

fluffs are considered trolls here as the pretend to be something physically impossible like merpeople, werewolves, vampires this also includes telling people you can bend/control time (which only the doctor can do), change eye colour, or anything impossible. you will be gagged and not only that get corrected by several people that take this seriously. there are fantasy spells there but i assure you they do not work.

4. Love spells

yes you can do love spells, but try as you might you maybe a begginer and as a beginner you may need to learn the basics, you have to crawl in effort to walk :D. but if you want there is a section on love spells on this site.

5. Basics

Basics are the key to starting magical practice. here is a link to see the basics on a greater detail.

6. gags

if you break a rule in chat, fourms and other stuff on this site you will be gagged. gags happen when one of the mods see that you are breaking the rules, and cannot communicate in chat, fourms, and mail. you can create another account but its hard to get back into covens and such.

7. Covens

Being in the coven is like a little family who learn and grown there strengths depending on what the coven is based in. Spell casters are the biggest because you are deemed a council member and you can post any spell they choose. there are members, council and priest/ess. members can post in fourms but can't produce spells like council members can. council member can also post in fourms and help out the coven in any way. The priest/ess is the leader of the coven who can oversee any one. There is also coven chat so you can talk to your

coven members easily.


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