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Name: Kasou
Location: In the infinite space between reality
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 26 Dec 2014

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Our lowest Inquistor #21 can go toe to toe with a Big god like Zeus,Odin,Ra now imagine what me the #4 can do.

Oh I must pay my respects to Palutena she taught me how to feel a little human but her sister Hela birthed me into this forsaken world. I barely show emotion and if I do its all from training.

My name is Chaos. I am a Inquistor. Number 4. My powers consist of Draconic, Darkness, Chaos, and the Fairy Flame, a technique only my family has learned. I di not tolorate people who are annoying. If you can equal to my strentgh I will respectfully admire you. But most people are crushed under the bare might if the fairy flame. Saddly the only ones who can beat me are the Stronger Inquistors. I use to hate people period mostly girls because one the #3 ,is a girl.... The Lightning Queen is faster and stronger than me. Two girls just talk too..damn much. Well thats the past. And I hate talking to guys. Its weird. I am dutiful I will always do my job right. Unlike most people you think

you guys are all high in magic....please seriously when

magic can over come the Fairy Flame then ill beileve

you. But someone tell me How can you beat

something that renders your opponents useless?

I dont mean to seem Cocky but its sadly true. My partner the number 3 is wild so we avoid each other. And becomeing a Inquistor is harder then it seems but I guess our number 1 has use for new Inquistors.. Im against it but no worries.

And finally this. For you people who think you can take me on first look at yourself and ask Am I ready or am I stupid?. Seriously im tired of all these people who come to me and I like"Oh I can beat you or I can take on the #1 and win" Seriously. Im tired of all of that Bull. Im not here to cause a fight. At all. And get your facts straight before thinking about challengeing me. And since im in the mood here is what the Fairy Flame does.


First Renders opponents useless makeing them have no powers no interlect and no mind to think.

Second: If it is used it has a 14 meter radius.

3 Very few abilities are imune to it. Inquistors 3-1 are imune


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