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Name: Arylos07
Birthday: Jul 12 1996
Location: Springfield, MO
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 12 Feb 2015

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-- This account has been gagged as well. Find me on my other account Storm07.

Hello, I'm Storm Kesocascay. I am a Pagan/Wiccan and a Kaiyumian Alchemist living in Springfield, MO. I specialize in Elemental Magic and Alchemy and dimensional, spiritual, chemical, and elemental Alchemy. I am also a Nordic Elder Futhark Runster. I've been engaged for 7 months to a wonderful woman who sees the world like I do. I am open to anyone to talk to from any background and any part of the world. Feel free to share practices and ideas with me.

I am also an author by day and a musucian by night. I recently published my debut novel and I'm starting the rest of the series. I play piano, alto saxophone, and rhythm guitar.

Feel free to message me for anything at all. I'm all open. Nice to meet you all.

Arcana Info;

-I am Kaiyumian-based with Paganism attached. Kaiyumian is a scientific religion similar to Alchemy (Alchemy is the prime focus, in fact). It is estimated to have existed between 3,000BCE-200CE. Some traces are found right about the time of the Crusades. It was lost since then.

-I am a man of science and believe heavily in trial & error and Equivalent Exchange. -I am a ShadowHunter so I spend my time studying the supernatural.

-I am multi-elemental. (the only one of my kind, as far as I've seen. Let me know if you're the same.) Basically, I have no fixed element. My sign is Cancer, making me water, but many other horoscopes suggest other elements PLUS my own meditations show comfort with all 9 magical and alchemic energies; Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Vitae, Shadow/Dark, Steel, Thunder, and Ice.

In short; my aura can take on many shapes and characteristics of all of the elements which gives me control over any elemental magic. Kaiyumians would call me a "Shadow Alchemist", which means that I can control all of the elements.

-I am a Runster and my specialty is Nordic Elder Futhark. -I have experience in all types of divination and scrying.

-I am a Planes Walker. (I can send my mind and/or soul to different Realms and Dimensions.)

-I also specialize in soul studies and functions, counting aura including shaping and controlling aura.

-I do have necromantic abilities.

-I can see and sense energies, active and passive.

-In Modern Alchemy, I am a Stellar Alchemist. (I specialize in both Solar and Lunar Alchemy.)

-I have powerful meditation abilities.

-I can interpret dreams and signs.

-I do specialize in demons of many religions. (I do NOT summon them unless for good reason. I do NOT give them my soul. I do NOT use them to harm others.) Some info about the demons I work with. Most of the demons I work with are Kaiyumian.

Here's a list of few;

-Arylos, Kaiyumian Demonic God of War, Magic and Alchemy, ruler of the Void.

-Lycanos, messenger of the Grim Reaper, Angel of Death.

-Sephishtan, Kaiyumian Djinn of Thunder.

and a few other select creatures. I mainly use them as energy sources. We do NOT have formal or soul-based contracts with each other.

I hope to get to know as many people who are like-minded. Feel free to send me a message.


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