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Name: RiekoKatt
Birthday: Jan 29 1998
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 05 Jan 2017

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A friend of mine told me about this site and I've looked through the spells a couple of times before but it wasn't until just recently that I became more interested in this again. However when I become interested in something I usually go all out. I didn't realize I wasn't a member on here yet so you probably can't see a lot of the things I've looked through. I went to the library and checked out a few books and have been taking notes as well as trying to get my mom to let me go buy supplies, (we live in a trailer so she won't let me light candles inside even though she knows I'm careful with things like that), we have our own garden and I've been adding some plants to it as well as helping her garden. I don't know exactly where I want to head in magic but I know I like things more to do with nature and elemental stuff. I really like Wicca, and though you can't find much stuff about them or from them I like the Druids too. I don't really believe in quick fixes to problems solved easily without the use of magic, and I definitely try to stay away from anything that could turn out too bad for me or anyone close to me so as a general I stay away from black magic, though I'm not against anyone who may practice it. I'm only fifteen as of now but I definitely know at least a little bit more than usual so I can be ok at helping with advice at times. I usually end up being a median between friends, or the person in the middle trying to fix things. I always like to learn new things and will most likely need help as I am definitely still new at this. So any advice is always appreciated no matter how small. Also I don't have any special powers or skills that I know of, though I've never really gotten the chance to test that and you can never know for sure. Any tips on supplies I should get or reliable recourses are welcome as well. My real name's not Rieko, it's Genesis but I don't care what anybody calls me as long as its not Ginny, for some reason even I'm not aware of I really don't like to be called Ginny.


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