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Name: TOP
Birthday: Oct 16 1996
Location: Tampa
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 11 Jul 2013

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Latest dream.


i was laying peacefuly in a grove at night with no moon just a lovely aray of stars
the grass was glowing neon pink and there where three chard fully grown trees around me

the trees branches started growing into my view and weaving into eachother i ran corner
to corner but a dome was made around me and the grass stoped glowing, then the ground

started shaking and the ground started to crack then in one big burst gave way below me
i fell so far then slamed into a floating circle marble platform

i was in a cave with mirrors everywere i walked to the edge of the platform and looked into
one and it was me but dressed in all white with black trim

sort of a noble mideval times type clothing, his eyes where closed then he spoke but
no sounds came out only bright pink symbols that striped and spiraled out of the mirror

they wraped around me i and i felt realy cold, then he opened his eyes and they were on fire

with pink flames then all the mirrors exploded and fell like snow i woke up shivering.


Equation magic

equation magic is somthing ive come up with, or might be called somthing else idk

but its baseicly using






using all 5 of these (lol five points get it xD)

i would create one big spell on paper then pass that on to a diffrent plain

by burning it and leting the magic flout into the air and go where it mus

t to bring whats wanted to me. or write it on my body


MY thoughts on a spiritual level , if you dont like them its ok

1: do not fall prey to emotion, but wrather be practicle think ahead for the best possible

play outs / feel emotion when its nesisary to show it

2: moon is most important in my view and i selebrate only esbats

3: magic(manipulating energys i guess) is very real, the way science has found that thoughts

can phisicaly effect things such as water crystalization and that there is very likely to

be other plains of existance that might have beings (3d 4d 5d 6d) higher selves exetra,

4: music hase very magic qualitys

in cymatics we study sounds effects on matter and can create intricit life designs such as

turtle shells,star patterns and other dazeling arays. it made me think of a bible

refrence(not that im christan) but

" in the begining there was a word and the word was god"

a word is :a meaningful sound or combination of sounds:



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