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My name is Irene bassey Hogan and i am 13 years old. I live in Broxbourne, in Heartfordshire near London with my mum and my brother. I am english and i was born in London but my mum and dad come from Nigeria. I dont live with my dad and i dodnt know why. I never asked my mum why because i dont need to know and i see him enough times so i dont really care. Both of my Parents are christians. My dad is Methodist or Pentacostal and my mum is catholic. I go to church most sundays and have already had my Baptism and Holy comunion so if i am to become pagan it will be in secret. My hobies are siging and reading FanFiction but i've always had an intrest in witchcraft and always wondered what it felt like whilst watching programmes like charmed. As you should be able to see, my profile picture is and Ipod shuffle. this is because it is the most valubel thing i own. Not in money but in my mind. it only cost around ?35 but it holds my music and i wouldnt be able to live without my music. There are so many different types of genres of music and i like most of them. They efect my mood and sometime are opposite. Sometimes when i'm feeling down i listen to florence and the machine, which some people might think is scary and gothic but i like it and for some reason listning to slow draggy deprssing music makes me feel better. i have music that makes me cry, makes me exited, makes me calm and just makes me happy, but i dont have a really bad mood (except for the crying and its ok to cry)like anger or hatred. I like to think of myself as a good person, one that likes to make people happy when their sad, a person that likes to bring joy into the room. You would be able to tell all about me by looking at my playlist and that all in a very small pink bit of metal called and Ipod shuffle. I tried to go without it for lent but it only lasted 2 days. My favorite senses are tasting, hearing and touching. i dont just love music but i love sound in general. I just recorded my dad snoring. i love food. I made short bread yesterday and i love feling stuff. my favorite thing to feel is sticky tape or stickers.their are alot of weirdd suff about me but i like being weird, it's better than being normal. i want to learn witchcraft because i have always thought it was cool and fasinating and always felt sorry for the people who got burnt at the steak when others would say 'serves them right.'

I may only be 13 years old but that just means i have more time to learn and i will.


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