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Name: MaxAce
Location: Cattaraugus, NY
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 10 Nov 2013

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I am a Defender & Repairman by nature. When I was young, I went thru forced awakening by means of demonic possession. Once I got free, I noticed I had been torn out of the body, and put back in because of that I could freely leave regardless of what the body does becaue Iwas never reattached properly. This worked out to my advantage. It gave me instant mastery of astral projection somehow. My main talent is technopathy, and my mind works like a simulator to serve as a means of making many different plans for any situation on the fly. I bear a code that focus on justice purpose and peoples hope, happiness, and dr.eams. I love fixing things and solving problems,but above all, my greatest gift is my near unbreakable spirit, and my big heart which literally tries to care about EVERYONE at some level ...even if they piss me, and everyone else off on purpose. Now mind you, I do have my tolerance limits. I don't put up with people screwing with me for fun over and over. I have problems with stupidity, arrogance, abuse of power, extreme injustice, greed, and destruction without purpose or reason. I love the moon and the elements of air and water. I have the mind of a scientist. I am highly adaptive in nature and strong willed. for my friends i quickly treat them as family a real family. not the morons i grew up with.

I am highly skilled in using technology to accomplish anything and I have high endurance as far as how much energy i have. i love foxes, cats, bats, wolves, and various other animals. I will stick up for anyone who needs it and stand up to anyone who has it coming. There are very few things I am even remotely afraid of and death and physical harm are not on the list. I have a strong sense of justice, and believe everyone deserves to have at least one clear fair shot at their dreams. I am a party animal when given the chance, and a good comedian.Sometimes, i'm crazy enough to try anything just to help a friend, or make something good possible even just give peopel a laugh when they need it. i tend to be a hard ass when strained, or in the face of stupid but overall im a hardworking, honorable fun-loving guy with a strong willed lion like persona.


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