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Name: Midnght
Birthday: Jun 30 2000
Location: Forever stuck here on this planet :\
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 24 Jan 2015

Membership: Member

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*Note this will change*

#Message my other profile Midnight6

I was gagged for no good reason#

Do you people not see the message up there ^ no? Well Pitt some glasses on!!

Also I live in Wisconsin and if there any vamps close to Wisconsin or in Wisconsin please contact me right away!!People who are vampyres please my desire and will is to become a vampire if any of you know a vampyre than please ask them to contact me and if your a vampire please mail or email me. Please people I know and understand if you live far away from someone but if you make a promise to turn someone you should keep it! And I get the whole thing about AWTOK too but still a promise is a promise!!!! Okay and to all the people that used this website to long did it take..did you summon a vampyre give me some help here people I'm just a beginner

Don't be shy to mail me either and help me out with magic too!

When I become a vampire please people if you want to be turned then please come to me but I'll at least need to talk to you for a couple days to get to know you and all...

My name is Hayley I live with my mom. My father is dead(please no sympathy), my mom never gets along with my dad's side they say it was her fault he mom loves me and my sister Kayla more than anything. My mom is in a relationship...I think. My sister is a drama queen and she's a freshman.

I'm an eighth grader so I'm 13 I love to draw anime(as you can see from my profile picture) and edit photos to make them look cooler I write books and I'm almost finished with one it's called switched so if you ever see that book with my name on it please take the decency to at least look at it once. I'm in a relationship. Where I live is a mystery to you all...hehe. I have two cats Chloe and Cubby. I'm the savior in my house I'm the glue that holds everyone together. I love being the bystander when people get bullied because I stop it. I hate people who judge, rude, talk back, and don't believe in themselves or anyone else. I fall for people easily but do not know what love is. Your probably wondering WTH how do you NOT know what love is! Let me just say this every relationship I've been in was forced because someone else thought I liked them and guess what I DIDN'T, that is why I do not know, so to all you people out there I know someone is going to message me about that and guess what don't unless you want to be blocked and be ignored for for ever!!! favorite food is WATERMELON!!!

My type of music. Heavy metal pop(sometimes), dubstep(juz a lil), Nightcore.

Bands. Three days grace, 30 seconds to mars, black veil brides,linkin park, skillet,D.j satomi, breaking Benjamin, nickelback,Hollywood undead,papa roach, imagine Dragons, and David guetta.

My spirit animal is the grey wolf

My fav color is green and red(not because of Christmas)

If you plan on messaging me please have a reason...and if you message me with the caption AWTOK you better know what your talking about

I'm not scared I'm lonely. I'm not stupid I just don't get it. Am I lonely yes. Am I smart yes. Do I matter...maybe. Do people like me...maybe. am I weird heck yeah! Am I different totally. Do I know what love is no! So don't ask!

Awtok is an organization that takes innocent paranormals and experiments on them,then kill them like some type of insect. Awtok thinks they are superior but there not they're wrong. Please join the fight against AWTOK they MUST be stopped!!!!

If Justin bieber were to jump off a cliff 90% of girls would be screaming or jumping with him. 9% would be screaming jump with a tape recorder. I'm that 1% that would go behind him and say oops my arm slipped!

Oh gosh I forgot to add if any body knows any powerfully wing spells(I know wing's as in you can fly) please mail me and I'm starting to become a neko and also a vampyre which is a weird combination I guess but I think it's cool =^~^= so don't be hating on my combination >:(

Am I doing something wrong? I mean I say the spell have the side effects than nothing I even wait a couple weeks after the spell nothing happens NOTHING so please tell me what am I doing wrong? Seriously I have no idea what I'm doing wrong! And it's making me mad but seriously help me guys!!! That's why I'm on this website!!!! So please lend a friend a hand and help me with magic please? =^~^= it'd be cool if you did!

Message my good friend Daragoonis to join the fight against AWTOK the more the marryer they must be stopped o paranormals can live freely!!!


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