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Name: whitebuffalo
Location: Were the fox Run Free
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 02 Apr 2014

Membership: Contributor

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Hi I am WhiweBuffalo a.

My spiritual animal is a FOX

Spirit is my element

Im 22

Im am Indian(Native American Shaman).My Tribes are Blackfoot and Cherokee.

I can talk to Animals and Spirit.

And my favorit animals are the Buffalo, Fox,and the Wolfs.

magic is all arown us, in the trees the water, in all of us. U may not see it but its there unlike most ppl that gave us shit cus there not like us, want to be us, but thay cant cus thay ant got heart.

The rivers splashing coldly,

The trees swaying in the winter breeze.

The wolves running boldly,

Cold water against their feet.

Their fur rippling in the wind,

Pups running at their mother's side,

With hope gleaming in their eyes.

Their final destination,

Where God they meet,

Finally a place where they

Can be wild and free.

The spirit of the Wolf resides in my heart

Mostly peacefully, yet ever wild

Running in time to the blowing wind

Dancing in the clouds that drift in the Heavens.

The spirit of the Wolf resides in my soul

Longing to hear the song of the Great One

Striving to be that which I am in my natural state

Succeeding only because of the Love that the Universe grants me.

As I walk u can not hear me. If u look for me I will not be there.

Im like a ghost In the wind moving here or there. Whiting to gave u a scar. But u no Im there. whiting for me to come close. when I come closer and u do not run I will grab u by the hand. And look In to your eyes. And ask to gave you a ride to the place were you need fly go.

Chant of the Buffalo.

Rumbling like thunder o'er the prairie,

Great herds of abundance, sharing with man,

I need you knowledge to meet life's challenges,

To survive and move on with my plans,

Chant of the wolf

The mournful cries rise in the night.

We are seeking!

Wolves' song greets the moon so bright.

We are brave and wise!

Sleek, muscled bodies beneath the moon.

We help turn the wheel of death and rebirth!

By our magick we send a boon

Of true dreaming!

u can right me at


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