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Name: brawrd
Location: somwhere on earth now you
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 13 Sep 2015

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okay hai there i have pepole randomly veiw my profile and message me soo if you'r reading this you'r probly one of those pepole might as well tell you about me. my names jordan adam wyllie but call me jordan XD im intrested in old magic and how it came about i have 7 past lives and wish to find out about them i know ive had these as many pyshics or even spirts threw card readings told me i can speak to some angle's if you belive in that sort of stuff ive had vissions about past lives or futer sometimes there in acurte thow when it come to the future, im 18 from the uk from the previous past life the only one im foucusing on atm i was greek along time ago im more intrested in element magic if you truely belive you'r a vampire or wolf fair enough don't let pepole tell you otherwise inside and to you its real why dossent that count for somthing, ive had exprainces with past spirts i resently got my old freind back and with me bad spirts feed of fear if you'r not scared you can feel them but wont be hurt last one try'd choking me XD if you have anyquestions or infoation on someone called vince from grece pretending to be a vampire or a women called anya please message me.

ohh i love pokemon wcan be a huge slacker enjoy a good laugh. umm gusse you could say i never take anything serously even war's can be just another day in the office

im curently seeking a spirtualist or white witch or some one with with either strong water fire air or eart element control in ayrshire scotland to help prefor a old ritual to cleanse a body of a demon who would be willing 2 work as part of a team and would be willing 2 give time help and even adivce if things turn tails up :/

Status: well you've decided to hide from me meaning i have 2 look for you now this is only going 2 make things worse if you have her there by force :/

for some unknown reson the girls who would call me a geek for deciding fuck socializing let me watch ma anime read my history and play pokemon keep turning round 2 me and calling me hot or intresting then pretend they love anime its kina funny when u say who hinta? or zoro and there like umm anime carcter's fuck i even asked what's luffy's dream and tehre like idk?

been gaged for foul langue soory if anyone has any question or anything i can't respond i got gaged after asking a moderator a question and she looked at my profile and there was foul languge sorry :/


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