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Name: SilliehMe
Location: Somewhere , i think i lost my breadcrumbs.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 28 Jun 2013


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Personal Bio

Hey , its me Sillieh! This is my new alternate account.

A bit about myself

Hi , i am Sillieh. I am an enigmatic person , meaning i have a couple distinct persona's that make me what i am , me.

When i was a child i was always silent , unnoticable , a constant watcher.I wandered alot , dissapearing without a trace later to be found in a ridiculous place in a ridiculous setting with a ridiculous reason , and as if nothing happened i'd just go about what i was doing before i dissapeared.

My memories are clouded , shattered into pieces and spread around my mind. Most of my memories are reconstituted by my family when they speak of what i was like when i was a child. I was quite different always , sometimes that was a negative thing , but i've learned to cope.

My mind constantly splits between its two distinct opposites , sometimes im silly , sometimes im serious , sometimes im stupid , sometimes im ...well less stupid.

My mind automaticaly seeks to see every angle so i often ask questions and state ideas that are not my own , just for the sake of saying them purely for viewing.

Things i practice:

Low magick [ Mainly Slavic folk magick , but also zulu Hoodoo and a few other minor practices ]

High magick [ Mainly my own version of high magick through ritualistic practices and rites ]

Divination [ Mainly Cryptomancy and Oculomancy ]

Enchanting and Imbuing of objects / Creation of Mementos

Ethereal Walking [ An OBE experience quite different from AP ]

Association Binding [ My term for magick related classical conditioning ]

Gemstones and Minerals

Utilization of Soul Sprigs in practices

Herbalism [ Basic herb knowledge and creation of concoctions and beverages ]

Kitchen Witchery [ When i find the time to cook ]

Things i research:

Mythology [ Well versed in Slavic , Sumerian , Mesoamerican , Greek and Egyptian mythology. I wish to learn more about Hindu , Chinese , Japanese , Celtic , Norse and Native American ]

Demonology [ In General not just demonology in christian terms ]

Philosophical studies [ Related to both normal life and magickal practices ]

Correlations [ Between cultures , landmarks , practices , traditions , knowledge and such ]

Soul sprigs [ Research into the nature and potential of Soul sprigs ]

- "The sprig of the soul , born out of undending spiritual toil , awakened most in those whose bones slowly hoist"

Subconscious magick [ Everyday magick utilized through the subconscious mind ]

Gifts [ Such as psychic sensitivity , empathy , and so forth ]

Everything else [ I like to review , scratch the surface and sometimes explore deeply almost anything ]

My entire life has been a whirlwind of questions , and equaly as many answers , perhaps i should be happy since most do not get such a fine life , but i strive for something more , i strive to know more , and i strive to live through more.

My Mantras:

1.I must see through the eyes of others so that my own eyes dont lie to me.

2.If i see the light , i must also see the shadows.

3.Through our ignorance and our pride we ignore that which realy matters.

4.Enlightenment will come to me when the time is right and for that i must fight.

5.Someone elses eyes are not windows to their soul , they are mirrors to your fears.

6.We cannot discuss facts , we can discuss opinions.

7.Sometimes we look infront of ourselves , sometimes behind , but rarely at where we already stand.

8.If i must make mistakes , i will not drag others with me into perdition.

9.Before i trust others , i must trust myself to trust them.

10. Life is meant to be lived , not interpreted.

Sillieh's Theories:

1. Limited Infinity:

The response to the usual fluff comment of "You are not a true believer anything is infinitely possible in the universe!".

If everything is infinitely possible which is evident in the idea of existance being without end there is still limitation in it. An example of this is perception , there is an infinite amount of ways to percieve something , but the moment we think/set our sights on one even for a moment our perception is instantly limited , therefore there are always limits to everything , because without limits there cannot be proper measurements of anything , and without measurements there cannot be a logical sense of reality. Therefore everything is possible in the big picture , just not here , not as long as we are human for our way is to be limited , but to dream of moving those limits up.

If you have any questions feel free to ask , i love to communicate with those who are worth talking to. I will not however respond to a simple "Hi" message , state your buisness and we can talk.

"For the Night is dark and full of terrors" - one of my favorite fantasy fiction related quotes.


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