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Name: treegirl.
Birthday: Mar 15 1997
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 28 Feb 2014

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aloha! hometown- England, West Yorkshire. (i drink tea and eat scones with the queen) family- Older Brother and Sister, and a mum and dad! (im the baby of the family) friendships- i have always been different and struggled finding friends that click but i have one best friend! we live quite far away form one another, but we see each other every school holiday, that i always love! i'm taken- to my boyfriend/best friend. he is one of the only ones that know about my path, and im so happy that he excepts and encourages me to grow and do what i love! (high school sweethearts FTW) currently? finishing high school and starting college soon to further my dream as my passion is performing arts and musical theatre! future? i hope all my future wishes come true! I study- eclectic Wicca, I have been researching and practicing this craft for 1 to 2 years and I am now ready to grow and learn more and more. example; elemental spells. tarot,for three years. runes. meditation. chakra's. my fears- heights, deep water/drowning (but i love the ocean)and dogs... places i want to travel- Hawaii!!, California, Disneyland-Florida, New York, Australia... what i heart- art, pastels, fashion, daydreaming, food, cute socks... favorite tree- blossom tree! favorite colours- anything pastel!, nature colours (Autumn oranges, browns,yellows) and (summer sun light greens and earth greens) music taste- Taylor swift (old albums), dirty heads, Nina nessbit... favorite element- water favorite flower- daisy! I'm eager to learn more and further my knowledge on my path. And sorry to sound mean but any mail with no purpose other than my practices will go ignored, I'm on this website souly for furthering my knowledge ^.^ (P.s this is not a dating site and if you can read I'm in a happy one year and going strong relationship with my best friend)


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