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Name: sacredbliss
Birthday: Feb 5 1982
Location: singapore
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 11 Aug 2013

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conclusion of 500 videos over my 2 channels:

sacrament bliss - 277 videos

vigneswari r - 206 videos

blessed be***

esther and abraham hicks, teal scott, rondha, katie freiling, leija turunen and christine breese are my initial gurus

by the my other acct is where to find magick stuff to buy

just watch this and reply me :)


Wiccan White Witch Magick Spells- Sacrament Bliss is Vigneswari R

fb & email:

fb & email:


YouTube: vigneswari r/ vigneswari 5282

YouTube: sacrament Bliss

Hi I am known as vigneswari v ramachandran (vignes) for short. i am an assistant teacher in a childcare centre at raffles place (singapore) inside OCBC called little skool house under NTUC main campus. i am okay in my job as its tough to please anyone especially my superiors (at least for me). i am good with kids and have an interest in magick, spells, wicca for a very long time. i am a spiritual person and have faced alot of challenges in my life from standing for elections to leaving my foster home to being able to handle the popularity of a musician (play the sitar) to my well known late foster dad. i am immune to fame though i love it. now everything has pretty much died down and am glad to be living a happy and normal life. but i never say NO to fame when it comes my way again :). i have a bachelor's honors degree in management from london school of economics, uni of london. i was born and bred in singapore and am an indian born here. i have no family and a true and loving boyfiend..

my main facebook account is

my magick fb acct is:

my main youtube account is vigneswari r or vigneswari 5282(same)

my magick youtube account is sacrament bliss or the one i put up in this acct(same)

my mainstream blogspot is: (hmm cant remember off hand)

my magick blogspot is:

i also have a tagged account:

my hANDphone number is: 90912461 cause i am rarely online accept if i do videos ..

and i stay at whampoa drive and in fb u can track my movements & thats how i will feel close to you

rest is fine and blessed be*

As a witch i have 5 main celebrations and they are as follows:

1. Celebrate yourself

There is no one like you and no other can take your place for the unique YOU that you are...

2. Celebrate Life

This life is mysterious and dynamic. One that never fails to amaze us. We are lucky and strong to go through lifeform.

3. Celebrate Love

If you have the ability to love, be it a child, your family, nature, universe, it will bring about alot of peace, harmony, transformation

4. Celebrate Work

Be grateful that you have a job. celebrate everyday as you get through each day be it tough or not. If it was a tough day just do some magick to make it right(same goes if you are in the midst of landing a job). If it was great, celebrate!

5. Celebrate Money

Money is the thing that keeps us going for without money, nothing can be done. Money solves 99% of all our problems. Always welcome abundance and wealth into your life to make you whole and have financial freedom.


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