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Name: StarShine13
Birthday: Dec 31 1998
Location: Anywhere Happy! :D
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 28 May 2013

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Hai! OMG! I NEVER know what to type so i'll try to keep it short, if I can :P. Okay So, My name's Olivia i'm 15, My favorite color is neon green, i'm really bubbly and I LOVE to meet new people so message me anytime! Now, Lets get into the magic! I've been practicing magic since I was 10 and I've always loved it. i'm totally addicted to the thought of being a mermaid so if anyone can help i'm all ears XD I'm happily taken by the guy of my dreams so plz no asking about it I don't like random ppl getting all up in my Kool-Aid LOL! I love to tease my hair, no, i'm not emo, I've known pain and I've lived with it for as long as I can remember, but I try hard to put on a smile and make the world happy! Another thing you should know, I'm a vegan, I LOVE LOVE LOVE animals! I like anime and magic but I also play sports like volleyball, basketball, and cheerleading X3 Okay so I know I said I would keep it short but I guess I lied :D soo i'll stop rambling and just stop it here XD Message me anytime! I love to talk!

Now, If you're reading this then you will hear these words from my heart and hopefully realize that I am much deeper than the bubbly girl I appear to be. Anyways, I know sorrow, pain, rejection, regret, envy, wrath, and worst of all, depression. I know I seem happy, but that's only because I know that every storm has a rainbow at the end. I know that there is always hope, there is always a friend, a guardian angel, to protect me. Every time I feel sympathy I can feel my heart grow larger, as I learn, My selfishness turns into selflessness. I try to make the bright side of everyday. Now, remember, there is a silver lining to every cloud, a guardian in every shadow, a glimpse of hope wherever you look. I am that guardian angel, Let my words soothe your heart, and heal the scars that your past experiences have left, let me be your guide.

83% of all animals are rejected, abused, or hated. How would you feel if someone hit you every time you tried to welcome them? Is this the life animals deserve? If we treat them like this, then we are no better than the animal itself! I Feel sympathy for the dog or cat that tries to wag it's tail, or let out an affectionate purr, yet is hated for the species they are! I LOVE coming home to see a friend, that will never hate me no matter what I say, to see a companion that comforts me whenever I'm sad, I love knowing that I'm helping by being helped. Re-post if you agree.


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