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Name: xSiN
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Status: reality is an illusion of the mind, all that we are is a result of what we have thought

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Imagine a dog. Suppose that you present a dog with two items to choose from: a beautiful diamond and a piece of shit, guess what would interest the dog? not the diamond, it might even piss on it, want to know why? simply because its limited intellect doesn't allow appreciation of a beautiful diamond. Our conscious choices are determined and limited by our Intellect.

I start my bio like this because its made specifically to provoke and challenge your intellect, The challenge is to try not to miss any gems, and in case you do not find any initially, please do not piss on it, because you may feel strange later when you will grow to understand more. Take your time. You might have to read and study this this many times, in various stages of your life, before it will start making perfect sense.

The primary aim of this is to show you how much conscious progress you can achieve by going WITHIN and studying YOURSELF as an integral part of the entire Universe.

Be prepared for many surprises when discovering unexplored corners of your OWN Consciousness.

There are many questions in this. They are designed to awaken answers that are already in your mind.

"Whoever doesn't know Self doesn't know anything, but whoever knows Self

has already acquired the Knowledge about the Depth of the Universe"

So what is easier, to make a house or bring a dead body to Life? In other words, is it easier to create a house or create Life? It is MUCH easier to make a house than create Life. Do you think that a house could create itself, without anyone designing it? What if we could wait a LONG time? Indefinitely long?

Can a house really make itself? With windows, doors, carpets, tiles, electrical installations, plumbing, conveniences? Can you determine exactly what is the chance of a house building itself? we have to conclude, that a house cannot just build itself right? A house cannot build itself, because it takes Intellect and INTELLIGENCE to imagine, design, construct, test and improve a house to make it useful. We have to conclude that Intellect and Intelligence have to exist BEFORE a house can be built, simply because a house has to be IMAGINED, before it can be even designed. So you agreed that Life is much more difficult to create than a house and if the probability of a house creating itself is zero, then the probability of Life creating itself is even less, We have to conclude, that Life could NOT just create itself right? So all life must be by design. Intellect and Intelligence had to exist before any Life existed, Simply because Life had to be IMAGINED and then designed. Like a house, so you see my point now?

To me, "God" doesn't exist, "god" is a word we have created over the years to represent a higher being than ourselves, for example, "skyscraper" it means a very tall building, "god" means a superhuman being or spirit worshiped as having power over nature or human fortune, there is no. "God" that we should worship.. There is a creator, the one that only wants love, not worship not praise

So how much Intellect and Intelligence is needed to design Life? A little or a LOT?

I am sure you will agree, that a Great Intellect is needed to design Life. So great that it may be impossible for us to imagine now, great Intellect had to exist first before any Life in the Universe came to existence right? without phenomenal Intelligence life just couldn't happen.

Imagine this, imagine anyone you know that is EXTREMELY intelligent designing something with NO purpose and for NO reason, you would call him/her an idiot, the conclusion is that Life MUST have a PURPOSE.

Now prepare your imagination and intellect to stretch to the limits you never thought possible. If you can meet the challenge, even to a limited extent, you will know for sure your place and perspectives in the Universe. You will no longer need to believe anyone and anything. you will know for sure, and wouldn't you like to see your life from the widest perspective imaginable? Wouldn't you like to know what is really going on in the Universe and what for? Why did it happen? Why it had to happen?

Many great individuals in the distant past tried to explain some aspects of The Purpose to people who couldn't even start understanding what they heard. Since they couldn't understand much they developed various beliefs, but suspecting or ?believing in The Purpose and PROVING it comprehensively to EVERY INDIVIDUAL, including YOURSELF are totally different things.

Understanding The Purpose and proving it to myself, although a great challenge in itself, was not as difficult as expressing it for other people to understand, because it takes TWO minds to have truly effective communication I know myself but I do not know YOU. I simply do not know what information and which examples from Nature would stimulate your imagination most effectively.

First let us consider The Beginning. Everything has to have a beginning right? Imagine The Beginning. The Beginning of Everything. There is NOTHING. Absolutely Nothing - no space, no time, no perception, no consciousness - nothing. Can you imagine TRUE NOTHING?I know that it is hard, but try... Imagine theoretical, hypothetical, absolute NOTHING that had to exist before anything else in The Beginning. The Beginning of Everything.

Try to imagine NOTHING in your mind.

Now, how many absolute "Nothings" like that can exist?

If you say 2 or more - neither of them will be "nothing" anymore - there will be 2 of "something" that you defined and distinguished as 2 separate "things".

So, we have to conclude, that in The Beginning - there could only be ONE NOTHING.

the entire Universe must be a Single Process ? no matter how complicated it seems to us and no matter how limited is our perception and interpretation of it.

Incidentally, everything that our astronomers can perceive in the Universe seems to originate from the Single Point in Space ? called by scientists the Center of the Big Bang.

Is it a coincidence?

Is it possible to record or transmit intellect from one living creature to another? If it was we would be teaching monkeys and chickens at Universities. Can one person learn and another become more intelligent as a result? Not really. Is it possible to develop intellect without practicing any thinking? Highly unlikely.

The only necessary condition for development of intellect seems to be the INTENT of intellect ITSELF. Nothing else is needed only the intent to think. it is clear that Intellect can ONLY develop ITSELF. No one else can make us more intelligent and wise only ourselves right? So, the key property of intellect is that it can develop ITSELF in the direction of its own INTENT. Now try to imagine what would happen to intellect, if it did NOT have the intent to develop itself. What would happen to your own intellect if you decided NOT to use it at all? Suppose that you decided NOT to think. It is clear, that in time your intellect would decay and regress significantly. So, intellect has a motive to develop itself. The best and the most logical choice for intellect ? is to grow and expand itself. Otherwise it decays and in the extreme case it may even cease to exist. Isn't it a good feeling to become more intelligent and knowledgeable? you wouldn't consider choosing the opposite right? You wouldn't like to become less intelligent.

What is the difference between a living body and a dead body at the moment of death?

Every organ in both cases is exactly the same. Even every atom is the same. So what is the difference?

?Consciousness is gone? as many experts would say.

Gone WHERE? And where is it when we are alive anyway? Surely NOT in any organ, or even not in any atom of our body ? because they all remain exactly the same at the point of death. Organs and atoms are not ?going? anywhere. They stay the same, and only later do they decay.

From this simple example, we have to conclude that consciousness as well as intellect (which is a certain aspect of consciousness), exist independently of the material reality that is composed of atoms.

Where are they? We do not know yet2, but it doesn?t mean that we cannot study them.

However, it is clear, that using material technology (any instrument made from atoms) to study consciousness and intellect may not be a very good idea.

The MIND should be our instrument. Let?s use it.

We agreed that in The Beginning there was a Singular Nothing.

We also agreed, that before Life could come to existence ? there had to exist a Great Intellect who designed it.

How could a Great Intellect come to existence? Could it come to existence from and In the Nothing?

Well, we have just discovered, by examining certain aspects of ourselves in one of the previous sections of this book, that intellect CAN and actually DOES develop itself. You have a proof of it within your OWN intellect.

Indeed, when you sincerely and thoroughly examine Your Self ? you will find that your own intellect has expanded itself from a very simple awareness, so simple in fact, that you may not even consciously remember it.

So, we have a very logical sequence. The Intellect developed ITSELF from the simplest possible awareness ? just as our intellect did.

In other words, the awareness of Nothing expanded itself - much as OUR awareness did. That's why it is SO important to study ourselves ? it is the only way to understand Consciousness.

From awareness - consciousness of "being", intelligence and Intellect developed - all by ITSELF and with ITSELF. Nothing else was needed - only the INTENT of Intellect to think by itself ? at every stage of its own development.3

We have already established that one of the most pleasurable and satisfying activities for Intellect is to develop ITSELF. Hence, it is almost certain, that after sufficient amount of thinking The Intellect became very evolved - from and in the Nothing.

Apart from the pleasure of developing itself, what OTHER essential needs of The Advanced Intellect can we identify beyond any doubt? What would satisfy The Great Intellect and Intelligence of the Designer of Life? It seems impossible to say... However, we CAN determine the needs of OUR intellect, can?t we?

Let?s try to establish what activities are the most satisfying for YOUR intelligence and intellect.

Imagine that you have no physical body - only intellect and intelligence. What would be the most pleasant and most satisfying activity for your intellect? The ULTIMATE activity? That would NEVER be boring, that you would like doing indefinitely long?

It is purely about yourself. The better you understand the answer - the closer you will approach complete understanding of the Purpose of the entire Universe. For this reason, I suggest that you THINK about the answer to this question, before you continue reading.

We have already established that one of the most pleasurable and satisfying activities for Intellect is to develop ITSELF.

Have you discovered anything else trying to answer questions from the previous chapter? Have you found any other ESSENTIAL needs for YOUR intellect?

What about a need for FEELINGS? What particular feeling is the most pleasant and always satisfying?

Isn?t it LOVING and being LOVED?

Indeed, just by examining ourselves we can establish with a high degree of certainty, that ANY advanced intellect has a NEED for Higher Feelings, such as Love.

So, without any doubts, we can conclude that The Great Intellect also had a NEED to experience Higher Feelings. It needed to Love and to be Loved.

What exactly is ?True Love?? It is very difficult to define this blissful ?state? of mind and intellect with any precision. One thing is certain, however. In order to experience Love ? an exchange of feelings has to take place. To experience Love ? we need to give Love and also experience being loved.

Do you want a proof? Imagine that one of the above is missing...

Hence, for Love to be complete and truly fulfilling it has to be a mutual exchange of feelings.

Exchange of feelings? With WHOM ????

There is no one else! The Intellect is alone in the Nothing!

So, The Intellect, at a certain level of its evolution (only then!), develops a NEED for certain sensations, that we call "feelings". In particular, it imagines a very special, blissful EXCHANGE of feelings that we now call LOVE.

But to make such an exchange possible ? The Intellect needs a ?company? of other "individual intellects" to make such a pleasant exchange POSSIBLE.

Do you know how to DESIGN a system, in which the possibility of experiencing Love is maximized?

Let?s explore some key aspects of such a design.

Can you force anyone to love you?

Can you demand being loved?

Would you really love someone if there are ?conditions? attached?

What happens to true Love in these situations?

The moment we try to force anyone to love us, or impose any conditions, the Higher feeling that we call Love ? simply stops existing. It is instantly replaced by feelings of bitterness, disappointment and even deceit, as soon as any conditions are discovered.

This is a very ?delicate situation? ? to say the least.

From the above, it is clear that:

In order to experience True Love - the autonomy of individual intellects cannot be in any way compromised.

Individual intellects have to CHOOSE themselves to give their Highest feelings to other individual intellects by their OWN Free Will.

Hence, we can define the autonomy of the ?individual intellects? as a necessary condition in ?Designing for Love?.

Without the autonomy of ?individual intellects? ? no possibility of Love exists.

An essential part of this individual autonomy is the unconstrained Freedom of Choice, or Free Will.

Should there be any limits to such an autonomy of the ?individual intellect?? If there is any limit whatsoever in The Design ? as soon as it is discovered by the ?individual intellect? ? it would induce very unpleasant feelings of disappointment and deceit.


In the Design for Love, autonomy of the individual intellect should be unlimited.

Since ?individual intellects? must have unlimited autonomy, there is no guarantee that they will choose to Love you once they become autonomous.

Since their autonomy must be unlimited and cannot be interfered with ? individual intellects may choose whatever other activity or feeling they imagine.

It is important to note, that their choices will be limited only by their OWN intellect. (Remember the story of the dog?)

What can be done to inspire these ?individual autonomous intellects?, so they CHOOSE the path of Love by their OWN Free Will?

This is a very delicate situation indeed, because such an inspiration must in no way interfere with ANY aspect of the autonomy of the individual intellect.

At this point we should remind ourselves one of our earlier conclusions, that Higher Feelings such as Love are only possible if intellect is sufficiently well developed.

The more developed the individual Intellect is ? the Higher Feelings it can experience.

Hence ? Creating conditions for the DEVELOPMENT of autonomous individual intellect is another necessary condition for experiencing Higher Feelings.

Not only is the development of intellect the most logical choice, and a very pleasant activity for intellect itself, but it is the essential condition for creating, developing and experiencing Higher Feelings, including Love.

Should this ?development of individual intellect? be limited in any way?

Would you impose a limit on the intelligence that your own children can achieve?

Again, if there is any limit whatsoever in the Design ? as soon as it is discovered by the ?individual intellect? ? it will cause extremely unpleasant feelings of disappointment and deceit. Any chance of achieving Higher Feelings would be completely eliminated.

Hence - There CANNOT be any limit in the development of the individual intellect.

So, truly High Feelings can only be expected from those ?individual intellects? who choose to develop themselves sufficiently AND choose to Love the Designer by their Free Will.

But even if the autonomy and development opportunities for ?individual intellects? are both unlimited ? there is still no guarantee that they choose the Path of Love. In case they do not ? there is no point in Designing them to start with. What for? To disturb The Great Intellect? Would you design a System that would greatly disturb your Intellect?

How is it possible to inspire ?individual intellects? - that have unlimited autonomy and unlimited potential to develop themselves - to love you?

We have already established, that commanding anyone to do anything does NOT result in any High Feelings. Commanding others is a violent sabotage of Love.

So, can POSSIBILITY for Love and other High Feelings be MAXIMIZED?

Is it possible to DESIGN for Love, from The Beginning?

Imagine The Beginning of the Universe.

There is only The Intellect and nothing else. The Great Intellect.


Developing itself ? because this is the only logical and

satisfying thing to do. Developing itself to such a point that it can imagine and design

ANYTHING and EVERYTHING it desires The Intellect imagines Feelings.

The Intellect imagines LOVE ?

particularly blissful exchange of feelings. The Intellect desires to experience such an exchange

- to Love and to be Loved

After establishing a need, The Intellect imagines COMPANY for itself

It imagines a company of OTHER Intellects ? autonomous and independent, because only those are capable of giving and taking True Love that The Intellect imagined and desired to experience.

We have already established, that truly High Feelings can only be expected from those ?individual intellects? who choose to develop themselves sufficiently by themselves.

Would you be fully satisfied to receive love from someone primitive with limited intelligence, who cannot understand you?

Hence, The Intellect IMAGINES and then DESIGNS the best ?system? it can, in which Individual Autonomous Intellects are encouraged to develop themselves as much as they like and develop their own need to experience Love.

It would be very naive to assume that The Great Intellect aimed just for a ?chance? to be Loved. It is very reasonable to assume, that it used its Great Intelligence to maximize the possibility of receiving Love.

How is it possible to increase a possibility of receiving Love without compromising autonomy of any other Individual Intellect in any way?

To get some insight, let?s us examine the process of ?falling in love?. What are initial conditions for ?falling in love??

Is true Love possible without knowing who you love? Highly unlikely.

Hence, The Great Intellect had to imagine a way in which it can become ?known? to other Individual Intellects. Of course, knowing someone is not enough to fall in love, but it is an essential condition. Do you agree?

How to reveal yourself to others to raise their curiosity, interest and fascination in you? How to maximize chances that others will start admiring you by their Free Will? What to do?

Remember that, at this point, The Great Intellect is alone in the Nothing. The only thing that can actually be ?revealed? about it is The Intellect and its Magnitude. How to reveal The Intellect so others can choose to appreciate it?

What would you do?

How about creating Nature ? SO beautiful, SO fascinating, SO majestic and magnificent, and SO intelligently designed, that anyone with any trace of intelligence and sensitivity HAS TO admire the DESIGN.

Have you ever met anyone who doesn?t admire Nature?

You have to admit, that admiration is a very good first step for Love... Can you really Love someone without admiration?

Hence, The Great Intellect imagined the Magnificent Material Reality and Life, so ?Individual Autonomous Intellects? could one day learn to admire the Beauty and Intelligence of the Design - but only if they decide to evolve enough to comprehend it and choose such an attitude themselves.

In other words, the existence of magnificently designed material Reality and Life is a way to reveal the Magnitude of The Intellect to any intelligent observer, without interfering with its autonomy and the Freedom of Choice.

So, by designing Nature and Life the Great Intellect greatly increased the PROBABILITY of Individual Intellects noticing the very existence of its Intellect, getting to know it, learning to appreciate its Magnitude and returning admiration and Love by their own Free Will.

Then, the Great Intellect consciously imagined, designed in great detail and then initiated the process of creating the Universe and Nature as we know it today. The design process started as a very intelligently designed disturbance of the Nothing [20] - as an immense explosion conducted by The Intellect.

Our scientists called this explosion The Big Bang. Atoms, galaxies, stars, planets, Life are consciously and continuously imagined, designed and created. The design is far from finished ? we have every evidence that it still continues today...

Note that there is "hard material evidence" of the Universe originating from a SINGLE POINT in space. Everything our astronomers can perceive in the Universe - travels with great speed AWAY from this single point, called The Centre of the Big Bang.[16]

Scientists on Earth are constantly amazed by the complexity and Beauty of processes they can observe far away in Deep

Space. Increasing number of scientists admit that from observing processes in Deep Space ? they have increasingly more questions than answers.

Why? Because they TOTALLY ignore the fact, that the Universe is being created Consciously, Intelligently, by Design and with Purpose.

As any product of a Great Intellect, The Universe is as much a work of Art or the object of Beauty as it is useful and functional.

Haven?t we agreed that one of the prime objectives for the Design of the Universe was Beauty ?

Can our scientists measure Beauty?

Haven?t we missed something really important?

Who are those ?individual intellects? with ?unlimited autonomy? and ?unlimited potential? to ?develop themselves?? Who are those potential ?intelligent companions? to The Great Intellect that need to be ?inspired? to learn to Love the Designer by their own Free Will?

Was it for them that the entire Universe and Life was designed? Where are they?

These are Human Beings.



YOU and ME.

Our individual, autonomous intellects, with unlimited potential to develop... (or cripple, which depends exclusively on our Freedom of Choice...)

WE are The Purpose of the entire Universe.

We are the central and primary REASON for creating the entire material Universe to start with. Atoms, Stars, Galaxies, Planets, Life and anything else that we do not yet know that exists.

WE are the potential "intelligent company" to The Great Intellect, who was alone in The Beginning.

WHEN and IF we find out who we are of course.

WHEN and IF we evolve to become intelligent enough to comprehend and appreciate the Magnitude of the Great Intellect.

WHEN and IF we stop abusing Nature and recognize it as a manifestation of the Great Intelligence in front of our eyes.

When we PROVE all the above to ourselves by studying The Self.

"Whoever doesn't know Self - doesn't know anything, but whoever knows Self - has already acquired the Knowledge about the Depth of the Universe"

So what was The ORIGINAL Purpose of designing us? Do you remember?

In the process of developing Itself, The Great Intellect imagined a need for development and experiencing High Feelings such as Admiration and Love that were impossible to experience when The Great Intellect was alone.

Hence, there are TWO reasons for every individual human being to exist:

1. to develop our individual intellect to the highest extent possible

2. to develop our ability to experience the Highest Feelings that we can imagine

These TWO Reasons are IDENTICALLY the same as Reasons for existence of The Great Intellect from The VERY Beginning... There are NO limits whatsoever... There CANNOT be any limits... Evolution of our Intellect is as unlimited as the Evolution of The Great Intellect Itself...

Do you understand? If you are as moved as I am when writing these words ? it is the evidence that you have attained at least the initial understanding of The Purpose.

If you do not understand ? please read this again from the beginning and try to comprehend what I am trying to explain.

The Purpose of the Universe that we have just discovered seems too good to be true...

How can we be sure, that we are capable of understanding The Purpose and motives of the Creator with our limited intellect?

I agree, that we do not perceive everything at the moment. But what we DO perceive - should eventually be enough to develop our own Understanding of the WHOLE.

We do not have to aim for it ? we have the Freedom of Choice.

However, once we decide to aim to understand, we create a possibility of achieving understanding, simply because we are intelligent and our intellect has a wonderful ability to GROW in the direction of intent. In other words, we create and increase the possibility of understanding entirely by ourselves. We are capable of developing our own understanding.

So, if you do not try - you will never find out how much you can understand. My logic is to AIM for maximum understanding and ACT on it. This book is a summary of my understanding. You need to develop yours.

?For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed...? ?Whoever seeks will find?

Isn?t our physical body a serious limitation? Does the very existence of our physical body question some of our conclusions?

First of all, we have concluded that we are Autonomous Individual Intellects and NOT just physical bodies. Physical bodies are temporary tools that we use to learn who we are.

There is no limitation to the development of our individual intellect, however we can impose temporary limitations ourselves, simply because at a certain stage of our evolution it may appear to us as a good idea.

For example, each of us can consciously decide with our Free Will to live a life in a physical body.

Learning to Love other Individual Intellects who are at a similar stage of development to ours is a very good Lesson of Love ? isn?t it?

Life in a physical body is also a TEST of our understanding of The Purpose of conscious existence. It is a ?test? that we partly design ourselves to ?check out? how much do we REALLY understand about the Universe. Interaction with other Individual Intellects in the context of material reality creates excellent conditions for such a test.

One of our first conclusion in this book was that Intellect has to exist before our physical bodies can live. Hence, before you were born you already had some conscious appreciation of a ?theory? how to live a life.

That is why you can answer every single question. You have already ?heard it somewhere?. Hence, I cannot tell you anything that you don?t already ?know?. I can only bring it to your conscious attention.

By living in an autonomous physical body, you have an opportunity to prove that you understand.

For example, if you understand well enough, you can reconstruct The Purpose of your existence in the Universe, even if your ?memory? is totally erased at birth.

Actually, one of the main purposes of living in a physical body is to find The Purpose - again and again, even in the most unexpected and challenging situations. It is a way of proving to yourself that you know that you know who you are and what you do in the Universe.

Also, in the physical body you have a unique opportunity to experience and study Nature, which is simply a manifestation of the Great Intellect to any intelligent observer. Hence, living in the physical body gives you an opportunity to ?get to know? the Great Intellect by interacting with Nature and studying it.

The best, of course is to start studying your own body first.

If you ignore and destroy Nature and can?t recognize the Magnitude of the Great Intellect who Designed it - how can you expect to attract its higher feelings?

Suppose that you designed and built a magnificent house and gave it to your children. How would you feel if they abused and demolished the house? Would you give them another one?

Are you interested in getting acquainted with someone who cannot appreciate your intellect and generosity?

Life is a test, whether you understand, or just dream that you do.

Would you like your children to worship you?

Would you like your children to worship your pictures, your statues, building altars for you, rather than recognizing who you really are and appreciating what you are doing?

Would such a worship satisfy you? WHY NOT?

Please think very carefully WHY such an activity appears to be a pure nonsense. Try to find a logical REASON for it to appear as nonsense. Examine your feelings.

How would you FEEL if your children decided to worship your statues and praying to your pictures? Would you feel satisfied? Why not? Would your intellect and intelligence be satisfied?

Wouldn?t you feel deeply disappointed that your children cannot come up with anything more intelligent?

Worshipping is clearly disappointing, unpleasant and even annoying for anyone intelligent enough to comprehend all associated feelings. And that of course includes The Great Intellect.

We have to conclude, that

Worshipping anyone or anything doesn?t make any sense whatsoever. Worship of any kind is the evidence of a complete ignorance.

Of course, you knew it to start with ? did you not? Incidentally, isn?t it the very essence of the First and most important ?commandment? in the Bible? Do you see how perverted it has become today? Do you see how neglecting this single logical advice created conditions for primitive cults and dangerous idolatry?

So WHY do so many people on Earth engage in all sorts of worship?

Worshipping can occur only when we suppress and actively sabotage the individual intellect. One of the most effective ways of suppressing and sabotaging intellect is inducing FEAR. Anyone who is truly scared has great difficulties to think logically ? is that not so?

Isn?t it a coincidence that people who engage in worshipping are also deeply scared?

Isn?t it a coincidence that promoting FEAR is a key method to maintain and control a flock of worshippers?

But fear is a conscious feeling of the Individual Intellect, that is experienced Individually. We can consciously experience fear ONLY if we ALLOW it ourselves.

?(20:3) Do not have any other gods before me. Do not represent (me) by any carved statue or picture of anything in the heaven above, on the earth below, or in the water below the land. Do not bow down to or worship them? and then later (20:20) ?Do not make a representation of anything that is with Me?

If someone tried to scare you saying that ?God will punish you if you don?t do this-and-that? ? would you feel scared? Notice, that you would feel scared ONLY if you BELIEVED the possibility YOURSELF and ONLY if your intellect was incapable of imagining other possibilities and solutions.

Would you feel scared if you KNEW that the person had no idea whatsoever about the subject matter?

In summary, conscious FEAR is a result of the Individual Intellect choosing to limit ITSELF.

Is there ANYTHING in the Universe at all that we should be afraid of?

Do you remember The Purpose? Do you remember WHO you are and WHAT is your potential? What do you think?

The only limit we may ever experience in the Universe ? is the one that we impose ourselves.

So, what should we do? How should we live?

I cannot tell you.

In fact - NO ONE in the Universe can.

Even The Great Intellect Itself cannot make ANY choices for you...

Making choices for anyone else doesn?t make ANY sense whatsoever...

Every Individual Intellect, including YOU has been SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to have complete autonomy and Unconstrained Freedom of Choice.

So, do not let anyone command your life...

Unlimited autonomy and Freedom of Choice has been given to us for a REASON. Do you remember what it was?

We have clearly seen that

without the autonomy of ?individual intellects? and their Freedom of Choice ? no possibility of Love exists.

Hence, autonomy of the individual intellect shouldn?t be in any way compromised. As far as you are concerned, YOU have to LEARN to make your OWN choice in any situation ? this is the way your individual intellect develops itself.

So, the choice of how to live life is TRULY YOURS.

From this point of view it is clear, that telling anyone exactly how to live life is simply impossible. However, it is quite wise to develop general principles for people to consider. The other good way is to become a living example for others.

Let us start from defining actions that, according to The Purpose of the Universe, should be clearly avoided.

For example, if you consciously choose to live in harmony with The Purpose, you shouldn?t compromise anyone?s Freedom of Choice in ANY way. We can summarize it in the following ?advice? for your consideration:

Exercising your own Freedom of Choice in a way that limits anyone else?s Freedom of Choice is a direct crime against The Purpose of the Universe. [1]

Why? Because limiting Freedom of Choice immediately cripples or eliminates Higher Feelings.

Also, if we consciously choose to live in harmony with The Purpose, we shouldn?t compromise development of anyone?s Individual Intellect in ANY way.

Suppressing the Development of anyone?s Individual Intellect in ANY way is a direct violation of The Purpose of the Universe.

This is equally serious, because it directly sabotages The Purpose...

Reality Check

We just agreed, that any activity that compromises and/or suppresses development of an individual intellect in any way is an act that violates and sabotages The Purpose of the Universe. Examples of such activities include

- Promoting beliefs and belief systems, regardless of their flavor

- Using hypnosis, both individual and collective to implant beliefs and belief systems (mis-programming the intellect)

- Promoting and sustaining fear of any kind. Examples include any ?fear propaganda? such as promoting fear of God, fear of disease, fear of death, fear of Hell, fear of sunshine, or fear of anything else whatsoever.

- Enforcing doctrines and authority of any kind

- Suppressing and ridiculing alternative points of view.

- Interfering with the individual FREEDOM of CHOICE in any way (like forcing people to follow orders or become like everyone else for example)

- Disrespect for individuality ? following statistics rather than intellect

- Restricting freedom of thought in any way.

- Clouding of consciousness with drugs, substances and activities that alter perception

- Reinforcing, promoting and glorifying primitive instincts

- promoting and glorifying violence

Of the above ? which are the activities most dangerous to the Individual Intellect?

Mis-programming of consciousness is in general not an easy thing to reverse. For example, do you realize how much conscious effort and self discipline it takes to overcome a habit that we don?t like anymore? Do you realize that un-learning is frequently far more difficult than learning from the beginning?

Some people seem ?stuck? so much, that they won?t change unless they are born again...

To compare consequences of various abuses of The Purpose, let?s assume that a person, who has been subject to all the above abuse, discovers one day The Purpose of the Universe and the fact that he/she was cheated for a long time.

When you discover that you have been cheated for a long time, and you have proof of this ? do you choose to trust and follow those who cheated you the next day?

Awakening of the Individual Intellect can result in spectacular reversal of mis-programming. New learning can occur quite quickly, once a person discovers how to use the Intelligence and the Freedom of Choice to regain autonomy.

There seems to be only one exception. When a person has used drugs.

One friend of mine told me about a couple of his friends, who experimented with hallucinogenic mushrooms for two months. Only two months. A long time after they stopped - they remain convinced that they are ?dolphins?. No intelligent conversation is possible. They are ?dolphins?... There is nothing wrong with their physical bodies, but destruction of their Intellect seems permanent. They mis- programmed it themselves, by falsifying their own sensations... They exercised their Freedom of Choice...

Any other act against the Individual Intellect seems a potential lesson that eventually leads to conscious progress in the current lifetime - except the use of drugs. Not only do drugs cause dramatic and immediate decline of Intellect, but they also severely reduce the ability of Intellect to repair itself.

How can you ?awaken? an Intellect that does not function?

How many lifetimes with crippled intellect does it take to restore intelligence?

Do you have a desire to find out?

It is absolutely fascinating to note, that there is NOTHING MATERIAL whatsoever in The Purpose of the Universe.

The Great Intellect and its Intelligence have been both non- material to start with. By non-material I mean here ?not composed of atoms? [1]. The Great Intellect simply cannot have any material needs.

The Only Purpose is the development of the Individual Intellect. The Great Intellect and ours.

It is clearly 100% MIND stuff.

Hence, focusing your life exclusively on material existence, such as the ?appearance? of your physical body for example, and neglecting the development of your intellect may be the most serious mistake you could ever make.

What about the Universe? Do you remember what was the Material Universe designed for?

It was designed for us to notice, explore and admire its Intelligent Design.

It was designed to stimulate our curiosity and intelligence.

It was designed for us to discover and understand its design principles.

It was designed to help us develop our own intellect, and abilities for Higher Feelings. It was designed so we can learn to Love ? starting with each other...

Hence, the entire Material Universe is just a temporary ?playground? that one day, in 50 million years or so [1], we may grow out of, like children grow out of their kindergarten.

However, you may choose never to grow up....

You may choose to stay and play in the kindergarten for as long as you like. You have Freedom of Choice...

From my private point of view, aiming for progress is the most logical choice. You have Freedom of Choice to develop another opinion.

When we understand the motives of the Great Intellect, it becomes obvious, that the fastest way for us to learn is to study and understand design principles of the Universe, a set of which may be called the Law of Nature or The Universal Law [1]. It is important to note that Universal Law exists and applies not only to material reality (Laws of Physics), but also to the domain of Consciousness and Intellect.

Collecting material things doesn?t lead to any progress in any direction. They are clearly secondary. Material comfort is only important if we use it to accelerate development of our Individual Intellect. Most people (myself included) learn much more when they suffer.

In the process of increasing our understanding of Universal Law, trying things out, making various mistakes every day and learning from them, we should try to develop our intelligence and intellect.

And above all, by trial and error, we should try to develop and experience the highest feelings we can imagine.

Gradually, we should learn to recognize and respect every human being around us as an Individual Intellect with Unlimited Potential...

Incidentally, isn?t it the way we treat our own children?

Is it a coincidence?

What are the consequences of doing as opposed to thinking?

When we think ? results of our thinking remain purely in our imagination. There is no need for interaction with other Individual Intellects to think.

When we do things ? we have an opportunity to experience consequences of our actions. There is also an exchange of information between us and other Individual Intellects.

Hence, since we are intelligent ? an opportunity of doing things creates a mechanism for learning from our actions. By analyzing the consequences of our actions - we can learn the relationship between our actions (the cause) and their consequences (effect), not only for us, but also for other Individual Intellects.

What are the consequences of doing things without regard to The Purpose of the Universe?

Amazingly, any act against The Purpose results in suffering and misery experienced by Individual Intellects. It may be our own suffering, or the suffering of others. The more severe is the disregard for the Purpose ? the more severe the extent of suffering and misery that results.

Since we are intelligent ? and we do not like ?suffering and misery? ? we have the opportunity to LEARN how to avoid it. What is the ultimate lesson? To learn to live and act according to The Purpose of the entire Universe.

What if we refuse to learn? We suffer. We suffer until we understand why. We suffer until we develop some ideas how to avoid suffering. We suffer until we understand enough. We suffer until we understand The Purpose and adopt it as a way of existence by our Free Will.

This is a basis of a magnificent Self Correcting mechanism in the Universe. Any Individual Intellect has to experience all consequences of its own Freedom of Choice in order to learn.

There is no way to escape consequences ? simply because our Intellect continues to exist indefinitely and there cannot be any limits ? remember? You cannot escape from YOURSELF.

Our Freedom of Choice is not compromised in any way ? but we have feedback when we make mistakes. Isn?t it clever?

In summary, it is important to realize and remember that :

1. Suffering, misery and unhappiness exist

2. There is a REASON for them to exist - disregard for the Purpose of the Universe

3. Suffering, misery and unhappiness can be eliminated.

4. There are WAYS to eliminate suffering, misery and unhappiness ? by learning to recognize and respect The Purpose of the entire Universe in everything that we do

Incidentally, these ?four noble truths? are the exact conclusions of one of the greatest Individual Intellects in the known history of our planet.

Don?t they make perfect sense?

By seeking ways to permanently eliminate suffering, misery and unhappiness - we gradually learn to appreciate and understand principles of the design and The Purpose of the entire Universe.

Notice the complete absence of any dogmas or doctrines in the above ?four noble truths?. The only reference that is needed to formulate them is the Reality that we observe every day.

Can we avoid making mistakes? Let me answer you with a question:

Can a child learn to walk without ever experiencing falling down?

Making mistakes is essential to the process of learning. We cannot totally avoid mistakes ? because by doing so we would eliminate the very mechanism of learning.

However repeating identified mistakes can and should be avoided. Also, we can use our intelligence to observe and learn from the mistakes of others.

How do we know what constitutes a mistake? In essence, any action that disregards The Purpose of the Universe is a mistake.

In practice, experiencing suffering and misery of either the Self or others should alert us to analyze WHAT exactly is OUR mistake.

It is very important to recognize the ?cause and effect? relationship between our actions and their consequences. There is also a possibility that our actions may cause OTHER people to make THEIR mistakes.

Consider the following example. Many people today cultivate so-called ?victim mentality? ? they blame others for their very OWN ill feelings and limitations.

Suppose that you tell such a person that ?everyone in the Universe has unlimited potential?. Most likely, the person would feel even more miserable and inadequate ? and YOU will be blamed for causing such a feeling. Where is the mistake?

Your mistake was that you tried to explain too much too quickly. How can you expect a child to be able to run before it can stand up? You failed to recognize and identify limitations of the other person?s ability to understand. As a result ? you did not have any plan on how to communicate your idea so it is properly understood. The final result was that the other person misunderstood you completely.

To explain anything successfully ? you need a ?plan? or a ?method? to deal with people who cultivate ?victim mentality? or have other difficulties in comprehension. An excellent example of a comprehensive, practical and very successful method for guiding people so they can eradicate their ?victim mentality? as well as many other limitations by themselves - is described by Colin Tipping [6].

You may also wish to explore the method that I use in this book. It is not new. [11]

Having an intelligent ?plan? or a ?method? is the most important part of any conscious activity.

Take an example from The Great Intellect. Design your actions.

You have Intellect and Freedom of Choice. Use them.

What if someone just doesn?t understand and doesn?t even see a need to understand?

Can you blame a baby that it hasn?t yet learnt to walk?

The most important principle is to respect the Freedom of Choice of other Individual Intellects. Letting them make their own mistakes is the ONLY way for them to learn anything. Leave them alone, so they can experience the consequences of their own attitude.

What if people laugh at you, ridicule your attitude and continue to abuse you verbally?

If a dog barks at you ? do you bark back ?

Do you remember WHO you are? You are the Individual Intellect with Unlimited Potential. No one can hurt your Individual Intellect ? you can only hurt it yourself. Your feelings are YOUR responsibility. Do not even try to blame others for YOUR OWN feelings.

People who ridicule others have a lot to learn. You need to learn to respect that. How can you blame a baby that it hasn?t yet learnt to walk?

I found that a very good solution is to develop an intelligent ?method? of dealing with such people. Make dealing with such people a challenge to your intellect.

What if someone tries to hurt us physically?

Your physical body is temporary anyway. It is just a tool for learning. When attacked you need to remember Who You Are and what is The Purpose of your existence.

You have the Freedom of Choice to decide whether you should defend yourself or not. Your choice will depend exclusively on your ability to understand the consequences of your choices. You may aim to achieve a short term goal (survival of your physical body) or a long term goal ? development of your Intellect and abilities to achieve the highest imaginable feelings in the most extreme circumstances. Sometimes you may choose to compromise. You have the Freedom of Choice that is limited only by your own Intellect.

Let me remind you, that no one can extinguish your consciousness and Intellect, even in an atomic blast. You can only destroy it yourself - by mis-programming and polluting it. How do I know about the atomic blast? Well ? The Great Intellect was obviously not hurt in the Big Bang (the greatest atomic explosion in the Universe). Our Individual Intellects, although not yet evolved, exist in a similar ?domain? ? independent of the material Reality composed of atoms. [20]

One day you may fully understand the wisdom of the ancient advice to ?Resist not evil? [5] [7] [8] in the widest context possible ? the Purpose of the entire Universe and your own role in it.

What about suicide?

By committing suicide people give clear evidence that they have no clue about The Purpose of the Universe and in particular, they do not comprehend the necessity and opportunity of living in a physical body. Do you remember the difference between ?doing? and ?thinking? ?

They ?fail? the ?test? of Life. They fail the test of ?doing?. Most likely consequence is that they would need to repeat such a test many times ? until they understand.

Life is a test, whether we understand, or just dream that we do.


How do we notice, explore and admire the beauty of Nature that surrounds us?

The most fundamental tool of our Intellect is Perception. Without the mechanism of perception our intellect wouldn?t be able to receive any information.

For this reason, understanding the fundamental principles and limitations of our perception is extremely important.

There is a Law of perception that may be called Universal, because it applies to ANY situation. It is the Law of Contrasts.

Perception is based on CONTRAST. You can read this text only because there is a sufficient contrast between the letters and the background.

We perceive things only when they are put in sufficient contrast. For example, health is only appreciated when it is lost. Misery and suffering have to be experienced, so we can define and appreciate a happy existence. People have to experience the consequences of fighting and competition to discover that Love and cooperation is a much wiser choice.

The principle of contrast applies everywhere in Nature, including every aspect of our perception of Reality. Hence it is a part of Universal Law ? a set of principles that apply across the entire Universe. Knowing this basic principle of perception ? we can examine our choices and aim to take the maximum possible advantage of our capabilities.

For example ? if we really want to understand the importance of Love - we have to imagine, observe, analyze and even experience the lack of it. Putting things in the proper contrast dramatically increases our ability to understand. The next time you read this book again ? try to pay attention to how and why my deliberate use of contrasts stimulates your ability to understand.

Some compositions of contrasts provoke us, while other are clearly annoying. There also exist particular compositions of ?contrasts? that are very pleasant and stimulating for our intellect.

Consider for example music. Notes (tones) have to contrast with each other, according to some ?scale?. When we arrange these contrasts (tones) in a specific way - we achieve the effect that we perceive as ?harmony?. Harmonious compositions of contrasts are very pleasant and enjoyable.

To achieve a ?harmony? we cannot just use random sounds ? even on a very well tuned piano. Both, composing and perceiving harmony are functions of intellect.

Do you remember how you feel when you listen to your favorite music? Particular ?harmony? that we choose and recognize to ?like? induces quite profound changes to our state of mind and well being. Nature, in its entirety is a GREAT example and lesson of achieving Harmony. It has been designed by Great Intellect indeed ? hasn?t it? Harmony is everywhere ? whether we are aware of it or not yet. This harmony that we gradually learn to recognize in Nature is another evidence of the Magnitude of The Intellect who imagined its Design.

The use of color in Nature is another example of how ?contrast? should be used to stimulate our perception.

Much like with music, among all colors (wavelengths of Light), there are some combinations that provide better ?contrast? than others for our perception. Some combinations of colors turn out to be perceived best ? because they produce maximum possible contrasts for our senses.

It is absolutely fascinating to discover, that these ?optimal? pairs of colors turn out to comprise the key principle of decorating vividly colorful organisms in Nature.

For example, did you know that ?pink-purple? is the most frequently encountered ?color? of a flower on Earth? Do you know why? Simply because ?pink-purple? provides the best possible ?contrast? with ?green?, that happens to be the prevailing color of leaves on plants that grow these flowers. Two ?next best? contrasting colors for ?green? are ?red? and ?violet?.

Flowers that are pink, purple, red and violet comprise almost 90% of all flower species on Earth. Do you think that this is a coincidence?

Flowers that are of other colors attract attention of living creatures by other contrasts, such as scent for example.

Much like with music, we can ?tune? a set of color wavelengths and ?compose? ourselves harmonious compositions of contrasting colors.

These ?harmonious compositions of contrasting wavelengths of light? have been called ?Bioresonant patterns?[14], because they seem to ?resonate? with electro-photonic emissions of the human body (aura) and seem to induce systematic positive changes to human psyche and well-being.

By encountering the harmony of contrasts, our perception is continuously stimulated. We become more sensitive and perceptive. Enhanced awareness and associated activities of our intellect sooner or later influence our psyche, physiology and wellbeing. (For more details see the reference [14])

What happens when we aim for maximum stimulation of our perception?

Every OTHER facility of our Intellect is provoked for action!

So, why don?t you try to pay more attention to what you can perceive? The more you do, the more you will see and understand.

Our intellect is continuously bombarded with a phenomenal amount of information. Everyone tries to attract our attention and their motives are not always clear.

For most of us the amount of information is simply unbearable. People just ignore the most of it, or choose to ?believe? someone who filters this information and gives them a 5 minute ?summary?.

Is there any better way? Can we develop our OWN filter, so we can always distinguish a ?diamond?, even in a huge pile of crap? How to find out what is true and what is important?

Knowing and understanding The Purpose of the Universe ? even if is initially limited - enables us to design a very powerful ?filter? for ?incoming? information.

All you need is to ask yourself only ONE question:

?Does it contravene The Purpose??

to ?filter away? misinformation, deceit, propaganda, demagogy etc. instantly. If you do not have The Purpose clearly in your mind, you may expand your test into two equivalent questions:

Does it suppress development of Individual Intellects? Does it compromise the Freedom of Choice of anyone? With amazing regularity and precision, you will be able to distinguish dangerous doctrine from an interesting scientific theory - instantly. Try it out. You?ll be amazed how simple and effective such a ?filter? is. Every time.

Meditation is an exercise, aiming to attain and maintain the complete ?silence? of the mind with no thoughts whatsoever. In other words, in meditation we aim to keep our mind ?blank? and focus our attention not to think.

The state of ?silence of the mind? may be maintained for a few seconds or a few hours, depending on your skill and intent.

Concentration is exactly the opposite ? we focus our attention on using specific facilities of our Individual Intellect such as imagination, visualization, creativity, logical thinking, solving problems or experiencing feelings and emotions.

Again, there will be some limits to how long we can concentrate, before we have to take a break.

It is very important to distinguish meditation from concentration, simply because they have completely different purposes.

Neither meditation nor concentration can be continued indefinitely.

Have you ever wondered WHY you cannot work indefinitely long without rest? Why can?t you concentrate for a long time without having a break? Why can?t you sleep indefinitely long?

Do you remember the Universal Law of Perception? We need to encounter contrasts to perceive things to start with. Then we need to arrange such contrasts in a specific way to experience a sense of balance and harmony.

We only enjoy work, after having a good rest. We truly enjoy rest after having worked hard. ?Cyclic changes? are everywhere in our lives and are the essence of the Consciously Designed Universe, from the sub-atomic world to systems of Galaxies.

What does the Law of Contrasts have to do with meditation and concentration?

Meditation and concentration are two extreme modes of operation of our Intellect. Concentration intensively uses the facilities of our Intellect, while meditation aims for a complete rest from any intellectual activity.

Practicing them in alternating cycles is as essential as alternating periods of work with periods of rest.

This means, that we shouldn?t just ?meditate? or just ?concentrate?. The best exercise for our Intellect is to consciously alternate periods of concentration with periods of meditation. When our Intellect experiences both extremes ? it functions at its best.

When you ?rest? ? your mind is not actually resting at all. You have thoughts and/or feelings all the time. Check it out. The same during your sleep ? you have dreams, feelings and other sensations, even if you do not remember them.

Meditation enables you to learn to completely and consciously relax your Intellect. When Intellect is relaxed it enjoys much higher levels of activity and it becomes significantly more efficient.

When our mind is cluttered with thoughts and memories ? it is very difficult to come up with fresh ideas.

What we ?think? we know actually prevents any new understanding. We are ?stuck? with old thoughts and memories. When we purge our mind from thoughts on a regular basis ? we simply make room for new ideas.

In short, meditation is as essential for your Intellect as is sleep for your physical body.


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