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Name: EntityOfBlue
Location: Sanctuary of Shadows
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 10 Jul 2013

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"Eyes that you need to open are inside your mind,unlock it.If you want to know but suffer,dream but be awake,..Closed in your own shell where you find yourself precious as a pearl ,shell is jail of your own mind which you will never come out of,and the ocean is the truth you are blind to.Through years shell becoms unbearable and when you decide to come out,it turns into stone.Sink down,what's precious inside you has never been found,and the ocean you were suppose to love becomes your grave.

F E A R of the unknown is your weakest link of poor's where i strike when you spit,it's where i bury you deeper when you start to sink,..Because i am one of those pearls that don't fear death,'cuz i felt every emotion you locked inside in fear of truth."

-by me :DD

~~I am able to see other people's auras or life colors.I learned how to heal others with my energy.I am what people like to call a gray witch.Right now i'm teaching few people but if you need any advice i'm here (love magic,ritual,herbs,hexes,healing,meditation,channeling energy..and some other forms of dark magic but i will be the one that decides wheter you need it and deserve it or not.)

I am Taurus with moon in pisces so i have really good intuition and i'm empath.My elements are both water and earth,but i practice all 4 in order to make a balance.I pretty much have issues in life but right now everything is somehow stable including my feelings which is very rare and strange.I am extremely emotional person,but don't let that fool you ,I am very aware of my abilities and strenght of my energy,so i am not weak.

I had a teacher,he taught me a lot,most of it was dark magic because i already knew basics...then i reached certain level and he told me that from here i must travel my path alone because i am ready to teach others.

**If you have not yet connected with certain dark forces,or if you are afraid or if you lack knowledge i WILL NOT teach you dark arts,that would just be waste of my time and you could very easily go mental.**

I enjoy writing,reading,nature,music,talking with people and practicing magic.

~There is nothing wrong with starting your path on your own,'cuz even if the path is the same it's different perspective.Don't be afraid of what you might hold inside,our abilities are our power,and we are always able to extend those to higher level.~

If you are totally new to magic i suggest you just read and find yourself in certain easy aspects of white magic,and of course start to meditate.

"Night consumes light and all i dread,reminds me,what to do before i'm dead"-kidney thieves


Message me :) -darkest blessings-

(oh and if i don't answer you right away,i reached my communication limit)


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