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Name: WaterScorpio
Birthday: Oct 30 1999
Location: Deep in the Underwater Sanctuary
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 14 Aug 2013

Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
Bio: I'm emo of course as some people may say but pfft its whatever

:-)but anyway, if you wanna talk to me just message me or whatever and I'll be nice and say hiya! I'm really funny and nice and well I get along with others really well..teehee C:. I was naturally born in Sayerville, New Jersey and am currently living there ^.^, Don't worry I won't bite you...other less you troll or piss me off. I hate bullies and I hate Jerks and meanies. Anyway, I was entirely alive in the beginning but felt as if my life needed more to it. As in the meaning of I wanted To live the way I wanted to. I sold my soul to the Devil and became a Mervamp (mermaid&vampire), I live in the ocean to help out my fellow Sea-folk but in the night I hold my dark crimson blade and place it next to my heart, cutting my arm deeply but all I can see is my black blood as the moon shines blood red my true form of a blood-sucking vampire awakens. Well there you have it, I run through the night saving the ones who have hurt themselves and save people who gotten hurt. I trust that we will be friends and I hope we will. So Message me! *giggles and waves* XD byee~


I am a Vampire who was walked on the edge of forgiveness

A thirteen year old girl who lost her ways

I am WaterScorpio

My element is water and snow

Do not deny me

Because I hope you know

My magic power comes back

But this time 2x

I am WaterScorpio

My eyes pierce your soul like a needle pierces your skin

I'm a kind-hearted girl

Beauty has no value

Its who you are that counts

I'm WaterScorpio

This is my account

Why is magic counted as good or bad?

Magic can be either one as long as you can control it


Kik: XxNatsuxLucyxX

Facebook: Jhaquiera Fason

Twitter: @erzakariscarlet


Instagram: WaterScorpioDestroysHate


Magic Spells I practice:

-Black Magic

-Beauty Magic

-White Magic

-Fantasy Magic

- Mermaid Magic

-Vampire Magic

-Werewolf Magic

-Fairy Magic

^ All fantasy magic *^*

-Healing Spells

-Weather Magic

-Love Spells

-Hair Growth Spells


Goals I want to accomplish in magic:

-To hurt the people who destroy everything I loved in my life as in my family and my home

-To gain the trust of a friend

-To gain the trust of my mother

-To be happy like I was before

-To date the person that made me happier

-To live young again


When Did I first start using magic:

When I was in fourth grade and I witnessed a girl floating in the air so she told me the greatness of magic and for that I'll never forget who she was


Favorite Music:

-Linkin Park


-Rob Zombie

-My Chemical Romance

-Sleeping with the Sirens

-Black Veils Brides

-Pierce the Veil

-Panic at the Disco

-Fall out Boy

-All American Rejects

- I forgot the band that created the song "Face Down" and "Your gonna go far kid"



Favorite Movies or types:

-Twilight (all movies)

-Cult horror films

-Nightmare on Elm Street(all movies)


-Halloween(All movies)

-Saw (all movies)

-One Miss Call

-The Grudge

-Paranormal Activity(all movies)

-Haunted House

-Some comedies

-some romance films



-Anime!!!!!!!!! I love anime!!!!!!!!


Thats me everyone okay I hope you enjoyed knowing about me


Race: African American

Age: Thirteen

Eyes: Brown with my contacts it is red, gray, black, icy blue, or light green

Sometimes my eyes turn red at strange moments and purple as well

Okay bye!!!


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