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Name: blackestlove
Birthday: Feb 19
Location: in the dark blaring my music and watching over the demonic realm
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 01 May 2016

Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
DON'T EVEN DARE MESSAGE ME IF YOU'RE ONE OF THOSE ASSHOLES WHO JOKE ABOUT SUICIDE OR SELF HARM OF ANY KIND. I myself was a self harmer for many years. I'm clean now but I have no problem what so ever hurting a mother fucker for making those types of jokes. That's saying a lot considering I'm only mean, rude, nasty, negative, etc, when I have to be. If any moderators have a problem with this I'm sorry. Let me know you have a problem with it (politely) and I'll remove the profanity. If I feel like it though. I am so sick of this bullshit. SUICIDE ISN'T A FUCKING JOKE!

I'm sorry if I make whoever messages me wait for a reply. I'm currently in the process of moving and tryna take care of my 3 month old puppy. I'll try to reply as fast as possible.


Be who you are and fuck everybody else ~ Andy Biersack

I'm not weird, I'm just limited edition ~ Ashley Purdy

Sometimes the hardest thing to wear is our own skin ~Jayy Von Monroe

Wrists are for bracelets not cutting ~ Kellin Quinn

Never fall in love with a princess who will make you fight for her. But a queen who will fight by your side no matter what you're fighting for ~ me

Past doesn't exist, but fears do ~ me


First of all, RIP my little baby kitty. You will be forever loved and missed.

Secondly, if you like alternative music please pretty pretty please look up the band Like A Storm. These guys are seriously talented and amazing. I got to meet them last year and every chance I get imma go see them. They deserve more fans. Pleassssssseeee? 'Gives the reader puppy eyes'

I'm punk goth. (Don't judge me and I won't judge you. K? :3)

My nickname is Andy. I got the nickname from my friends because they say I act a lot like my father figure, Andy Biersack. (Notice I said father figure NOT birth dad)

I'm in a hard rock/metal band called Beautiful Dark Angels.

I love animals,music,reading,and writing.

I am full blooded witch. (By this, I do not mean I'm related to any other witch's. I'm the only witch in my family but I have a gift for magick. Yes, I still need to put lots of effort into studying and into my spells. I'm not saying I'm a know it all or that I'm better than anyone else on this site.)

If anyone needs help with spells I can help. (I will help you not spoon feed you like a child)

I hate bullies,jerks,and people who think they're better than everyone else.

I am Satanist. (if you don't like it then just keep your comments to yourself)

I am in a coven called Wild DareDevils. Mail me if you're interested in joining.

I do NOT cast love spells so PLEASE do not ask.


Main goddesses/gods I work with :

















My Chakra's (goes from -100 to 100) (Their are two names for all chakra's so I put both down)

I realize my Third-Eye and my Crown are way over active but to me that's good. It means I'm creative, open minded, and knowledgeable. And I'm proud to say that I am.

Root (Passion) open 56%

Sacral (Desire) open 49%

Navel (Purpose) open 63%

Heart (Balance) open 50%

Throat (Expression) open 50%

Third-Eye (Imagination) open 89%

Crown (Spirituality) open 100%


PLEASE READ ... For those of you asking me to do a love spell. It is clearly written above. I refuse to do love spells for the simple fact that I believe you shouldn't have to force someone to love you. Love can not be controlled. So please go ask someone else who will be willing to do it for you or simply learn to talk to the one you love. Who knows? You might actually hit it off.

My kik name ~ littlebabyangel666

Feel free to kik me any time. My phone is always with me.

My phone number ~ 912-286-9165 ... This is so if I disappear again my friends can get in touch with me if they need to. If we are already friends, message me up on my phone but let me know who you are (your som name). If we ain't, You better message me on here first getting permission. I'm up for messaging anyone but if you are only wanting to get with me or harrass me. Don't bother. Cuz I have no problem blocking people.

Twitter ~ Message me and I might give it to you. :p

GothicVamp out :*


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