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Name: MotTheDog
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*NOTICE* - I can't teach you. I'm sorry but I just have way too much going on in my life which I'm looking for solutions for, I don't have the headspace at the moment. But the first, basic lesson that anyone will tell you to read up on is 'Grounding, Centering and Shielding'. So go look that up, then ask one of the mods or something! Please don't message me asking me to teach you.

Also, if you're going to message me at all, please just make sure it has a point. None of that 'hey' 'hi' pointless crap. And please nothing along the lines of 'you're hot!' either - I'm flattered and I don't mean to sound haughty but it's INFURIATING.-_-

I'm very angry and unhappy right now so sorry if you think I'm rude, but in all honesty unless you're messaging me to suggest a spell or other magickal method of achieving my biggest wish, I'm really not interested.

My level of knowledge is quite complicated. I've been interested in magick for around 7 years, studying all kinds but lately, I'd say I kinda 'major' in mainly evocation and AP. My studying of evocation and the other things I have some knowledge of has mainly been just reading and learning on an educational level, not really practical, but I'm slowly easing into that. As for AP, well in my entire 7 years of attempting it almost daily, I've accomplished it once. I find it really hard and trust me I've tried every method there is! The one time I succeeded it was actually just by accident, so maybe that shows there is such a thing as trying too hard? :/ With all of this in mind, somebody more experienced may say I'm a 'beginner', but I don't really see myself as a complete startline novice. However I don't know anywhere near everything about magick and I've still got a lot of learning to do!

About me on a personal level:

I'm 18. Pregnant. English. My pic was taken about 2 years ago.

Basically I just have very strong views on things, and they sometimes get me in trouble. But I'll always stand up for what I believe is right, even if it does get me in trouble.

The one thing I hate most is patronisation. Mainly, age patronisation. Does no one else think it's ridiculous that legally, you're considered to be in the same grouping as a newborn baby until the day of your 16/18th birthday according to whatever country you're from? I really disagree with a lot of the laws. Like, imagine this situation, right. The age of consent here in England is 16, and drinking age is 18.

So imagine a 15 and a half year old girl gets all dressed up, gets her older sister's ID and takes herself off to a club. Proceeds to get herself pretty drunk, meets a man (who obviously thinks she's at least 18 in that she's in a club and looks a lot older) so, this girl is all drunk and slutting it up with this man, then she goes home with him and they sleep together. Then maybe, they stay in touch for a while, start a relationship, then they have an argument and this girl goes to the police. What's the fate of the man, you ask?

Well, the man gets locked up for years on account of RAPE and PAEDOPHILIA. He's ostracised from the public because it goes down on his record that he was done for 'sexual ASSAULT on a CHILD' so then no girl will ever go near him because everyone wrongly believes he's a paedophile, people stare at him in the streets and hurry their little children away, afraid he's thinking inappropriate things about them. Oh and the club gets shut down.

Do you see what's wrong with this situation?

Well for a start, teenagers are NOT children. They may be legally classed as children but, well they're just not. In most countries if a person is not 18, they're legally not allowed to live alone. This is because they're seen as 'not old enough to be able to look after themselves'. Who comes under this category? Well, everyone from birth to 17 years and 364 days. There's something wrong about that, right?

Those of you with children, imagine your child on the day they were born. Or everyone else, imagine your baby brother or sister, cousin, parent's friend's baby, just imagine a newborn baby, fresh out the womb. Obviously this tiny person can not do a thing for themselves. They cannot walk, or talk, or understand simple conversations. They don't understand the concept of danger, and you can't leave them alone for a minute, because they don't have the mental capacity to understand things like 'this is electric, don't touch it or it will hurt you' stuff like that.

But a 17 and a half year old on the other hand, is completely different. I remember how I was a couple of weeks ago, I remember the night before I turned 18. I could cook for myself, wash myself, keep myself safe, drink responsibly, travel places on my own, all stuff like that - but according to the law, I didn't have the mental capacity to do that. Not until a few hours later when it turned midnight on my birthday, anyway. And what happened then? Well.. nothing. I didn't suddenly evolve and become totally different to how I'd been several minutes before. I didn't have some miraculous epiphany where the meaning of life suddenly descended upon me and I saw everything in a new light. I was just.. exactly the same as I'd been before.

And I just completely hate how 'older' people are so DEMEANING toward teenagers, like they're somehow superior all because they happened to have been born a decade or two before I was.

I see it like this. For instance if a 17 year old is being interviewed by the police, they have to have an 'adult' with them. Why? They ARE adults. But all because of irrelevant numbers, this discrimination happens.

Age is a factor which nobody has any control over. I had no decision over the year my parents decided to have sex and bring me into the world, anymore than I was able to choose what country I was born in, what my racial background is, my name, the colour of my hair or eyes, anything like that.

But it's ok for someone to say to someone in their mid-teens 'Oh this has to be done differently for you and we're allowed to patronise you beyond all reason because you're a whole two weeks 'under 18''

Could you imagine the RIOTS that would explode if an establishment said to a person 'We have to treat you differently from everybody else, because you're black'. That would actually be bordering on illegal, but it's socially acceptable to discriminate against someone because of the time they were born. It's just not right.

I believe segregation should be banned, in ALL FORMS. I believe everyone should have equal rights, regardless of their race, gender, sexuality, hair colour, eye colour, weight, and AGE. Why? Because it's not right to judge anyone on a pre-determined factor that they can't control. I mean, as I was saying before, I can understand that some things must be done differently in the case of CHILDREN. Only because, true 'children' just don't have the brainspace to understand things like adults can. But there is a huge difference in a helpless toddler and a teenager. So child age should be based on maturity and understanding - not chronological age - and should only be used in cases where absolutely necessary. The age of consent should certainly be changed. Rape is rape is rape, and it means 'sex without consent'. Now of course if some depraved person sexually assaults a toddler who has no understanding of what is going on, then of course the freak should be punished. But not someone who sleeps with a willing teenager.

So if you're reading this and you're past the onset of puberty but 'under 18', I understand your frustration. I understand how wrong it is and how offensive people can be. But just remember, these people think they know it all when really they know nothing. If someone calls you a child despite you telling them it's offensive and you don't want them to say it, well then that gives you every right to be tactless too. Comment on their weight, or aging skin, or anything else about their physical appearance. But then explain to them why you just said that, explain that their calling you a child offends you just as much as your insult offends them. Hopefully they'll listen and actually understand the truth - that we are all the same, and we should only be judged by what we do; ie if we help others or harm them. Hopefully one day, they'll all understand.

P.S. If anyone has a way of telling me how to achieve a wish, a wish that is all I want in the world, then please tell me. I don't care what the consequences are.


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