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Name: vigneswari5
Birthday: Feb 5 1982
Location: singapore
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 25 Sep 2013

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Personal Bio
conclusion of 500 videos over my 2 channels:

sacrament bliss - 277 videos

vigneswari r - 206 videos

blessed be***


Wiccan White Witch Magick Spells- Sacrament Bliss is Vigneswari R

fb & email:

fb & email:


YouTube: vigneswari r/ vigneswari 5282

YouTube: sacrament Bliss

vigneswari is sacrament bliss

sacrament bliss is vigneswari


check out all my fb..bloggerspots.. and youtubes too.. sms or email me in my accts should u need my help or of for any feedback at all..

cheers n blessed be

my new youtube video channel is under my magickal name sacrament bliss.


hi..i m a preschool teacher by profession who have experience in the arts field of work too. i studied business up to degree level with honors from school of economics , uni of london. i am singapore based and am a part time politician..i have written 2 unpublished books about my biography. i currently have a boyfriend as my family and am a wiccan white witch.. i have been practising witchcraft of white spells and wiccan spells for 12 years since 18 years old and am 31 now (2013). I m an aquarius and a light worker too..i play the sitar and belong to an orchestra here where i get platform to perform too.i go under the magick name - sacrament bliss..please add me in fb and check me out in my youtube well as my blog i get more support..i will be able to work on more videos and blog postings as well as fb updates :) blessed be**~~


my youtube

my facebook

my blog

my website

please also email me if u have any questions at all..n state the response type that u prefer e.g. videos, emails, blogpostings..etc


thank you~~


My Nutshell

my youtube

my facebook

my blog

my website



check out all my fb..bloggerspots.. and youtubes too.. sms or email me in my accts should u need my help or of for any feedback at all..

cheers n blessed be



i am known to all by whatever i have already done so far..kindly check me out in google search n youtubes..n also facebook n oh yae spells of magic

i am sacrament bliss aka vigneswari sitar..

my emails are &

sacrament bliss is my magickal name and yes i am a wiccan white witch

i am also a preschool teacher, an author, politician, musician, artist and a passionate light worker..welcome to my world

kindly add me in fb: using my emails

my blogs ..u may find ,me in google search for: vigneswari v ramachandran sitar and & / or sacrament bliss

spells of magic: vigneswari5

my whole biodata and family & resume is all over online media :)

i m an open book..willing to share myself with u to let u into my life to share with one anoother

n i thank u for the opportunityy..

i wish to form this relationship with u and to walk thru this path of life take my hand



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