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Name: snowleopard6
Birthday: Mar 31 1997
Location: Washington
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 28 May 2014

Membership: Member

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Hi! I have no idea what to write. Im really bad at writing bios so I'll just start with saying Hi, my name is Anna. My username is Snowleopard6 because I love snow leopards. They are beautiful and mystrious. The number 6 because when i was reading a spell book my Aunt gave me I came across a part about numerology the number I got was 6.

sooo to tell you of how i got interested in all this. In the eighth grade i was at a secondhand store where I found a book on wicca and witchcraft. I convinced my mother to buy it and bam i've been hooked ever since. I don't know a whole lot but that is why i'm here, to look for people to help me learn.

At school I have four other friends that are interested in learning and i'm kind of the ringleader of them since I know a little more about the subject than them.

Random Info about me!!! : My bestfriends nicname is Panda. She is also on here. If and when you do read this "Kangaroo" ;) . I love hot spicy cheetoos. Cats are my favorite animal! My favorite color is purple. I am currently learning japanese and korean. I have 4 and a half siblings 2 older and 2 younger, the only reason i say siblings is because my half sibling is soon to be born on october 22, 2013 and so far we dont know the gender yet or else i would have said sisters cuz so far from the ones that are born i have sisters. I think the baby is going to be a girl but others think that a boy will finally be born.

I have a dog named Prince, he is a american eskimo, chihuahua and poodle mix. I also have a cat named Tucker. Although the name may lead people to belive that it is a male cat but she is in fact female. She was orignaly thought to be male but was later found to be a girl. She has the coloring of a russian blue but with white paws and chest.

so far that is all I have to say and Panda is getting impatient wanting to read this so good bye and

Shine on,


Update: May 27, 2014

Hiya! I'm back after a long break and I have many plans to dive back in and learn. I may have known about Magick for a few years now but I am still only a beginner and I have much to learn. I am interested in many things and not yet specified anything!

Shine on,



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