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Name: gnbkeller
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My Name is Master Bowman, Nicholas Bowman. I'm a fifth generation Warlock, and been raised to see the world of spirits. Magic has been apart of my life form infancy. My mother told me when I was 2 years of age I would frequently stare into peoples eyes intently as if seeing their very soul. They would find me starring at nothing and then as they pass through the room feel a cold chill. As I grew older and aware of myself I would continue to see spirits of the deceased as well as entities I could only describe as fairies.

Now, I'm in my mid twenties and have been actively practicing Magic for over twelve years. I began to take on my friends from school as my first clients. Then five years ago I began to travel to Europe for my College Degree in Art. I would meet the strangest people on random alleyways and even on my doorstep. They would tell me stories of a haunted house or item they owned, and wished me to release the spirits so they could find rest elsewhere.

It hot me about a fortnight after my first strange encounter that I could keep these items. Study them, procure real facts as to their validity. I traveled from Edinburgh, to London, to Transylvania. Each item was added to a van I rented by the week. After six months I decided to head back to the states keeping the items and storing them in an off property warehouse.

Two years ago, a gentlemen of 57 was having issues with his marriage, the wife would no longer have sexual relations with him. I brought out the Lover's Ring Fabled among London in the by and by as the ring that capture the heart of the targeted lover and give it solely to the one it was intended for. So powerful was this ring that its owner warned me never to use it unless there was no other choice. For the wearer could have anyone he or she wished. The only catch to the ring is that the wearer can only use it once. Afterwards the magic now turns to another needy soul.

Soon, Strangers from in town would come up to me complaining about a problem and I offered them a solution. An item to alleviate their troubles. One by one, each individual received exactly what they wished for. Some more than they ever bargained for. A man came to me one day complaining his taxes were too high and he'd lose his house for sure to foreclosure. I gave him the Emerald Amulet said to give its wearer unlimited wealth and good luck in finances. Two days later he calls me saying he bought a lottery ticket on a whim and won the large jackpot of $25 Million Dollars and offered one to me as payment. I of course took it and bought a new house and car for myself, Investing the rest in stocks. one month later he called again saying on a bet for a horse he blindly guessed the third horse and won over 100 Grand. He was beyond himself for just how powerful the ring was. Soon However, the wealth got to him and he would be drinking heavily worried someone would steal his lucky ring. One day I was locking the house and there he stood, looking half dead and he gave me the ring back saying its power knows no bounds. I can't sleep knowing its in my hands and I gladly took back the ring and nodded as the poor man stumbled back into his car.

These are but a few of the experiences I and my clients have undergone. These are not the end of the stories but the very beginning. I still own these items and can give them out but I warn each and everyone of you to really think before you buy. Is this going to really give you happiness. If you can honestly look me in the eye and say yes than I will gladly let you have the item. But any waiver and I will suggest a lighter spell or item either form me or another caster. PLEASE take precautions! I value your life and happiness as much as my own.

These items I'm selling WORK every time without fail, they the most powerful items I've encountered on my six month Journey through Haunted Europe. If you seek magic that works and are willing to pay the price and accept the consequences then please enter the shop and find the item you seek.

Safe Journies to all, and God Bless

Master Nicholas Bowman


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