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Name: lucybrown09
Location: West Virginia
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 25 May 2013

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Hello, my name is Krissy. Im not that good at writting about myself, but ill try :-). I try to really enjoy the small things in life. The small moments. I LOVE photography and often just grab my camera and head outside to take photos. Just to see what I can get. I have the most amazing man in my life. And never thought I would find someone so awsome. The universe really matched up a pair when I met him. Among other things I read alot! If I'm ever curious about something I just wanna read about it! I also study pharmacy, but this has only grown my passion for herbology, anything organic, hedgewitch, anything that is natural. I also love those little burts bees packs haha. I big the vintage look. Me and Edward are also big with faith. Faith is what gets us through the everyday. Its what keeps us strong, smart and humble people. Born in a unreligious family, I found religion very compelling, wonderful, and interesting. I have clung to my christian life style for a while now. And feel its for me. Even going as far as being in my pastor and best friends wedding. BUT always loved other religions as well. I nose dived into budisum, tarot, pagen, and wiccan cultures. Im am a huge believer of peace and coexist. Anything to educate myself in my own religion and others as well has always fasinated me. And I always wished others would feel the same. Unfortunaly some dont. But thats okay. This is what works for me. When I met my best friend and fience Ed, who is old scottish wiccan things fell into perfect place not only for me but for him as well. Who knew? A christian and a wiccan together, some might say.... But it works for us and we agree so much and there are soo many similarities not only in the two but in all religions. We always wished we would find a place, or a group, where we can just be ourselves and love the lord, god, and lady. Religion means so much to us. We have also talked in length about teaching our future child both religions. And in all honestly we dont seperate the two. We make it one.


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