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Name: Aden_Ashni
Location: My imagination
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 18 Nov 2015

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Personal Bio
Aden Ashni, that's my name and I'd like to keep it that way; no silly nicknames or anything like that please. It means little fire lightning flicker together, which are the main elements of which I use. Yes, I dabble in the elemental kinetics. And no, not because I've watched Avatar TLA or anything. I'll gladly teach someone my methods and things, just give me a shout and I'll try and help. There are certain things I don't know however, so don't get angry if I can't help you with a certain topic otherwise I'll block you. Simple as that.

I haven't been on this site in more than a year, wow. I used to be known as Moonrays138 and Acceliawolf if anyone remembers, although I doubt any of my friends are currently members still. It would be a pleasant surprise if they were, however.

I don't cast spells or rituals anymore, choosing to use my imagination and mind. I also practice with chi and chakra. Or ki, whichever one it is to you. Spells are a little unrealistic to me, though I won't make fun of anyone else's beliefs; if anything, I'd help with what you need and I'll try to give you advice.

I have many totems; I am what people call a totem shifter or a therian. No, I can't actually physically shift into animals so before you preach to me about how unreallistic that is, please don't. I don't tolerate judgement from anyone. Moving on; my totems, which I like to call theriotypes, are as followed in order of the time I awakened them; Accelia the brown Wolf, Soarer the Bald Eagle, Lyxran the purple Dragon, Akira the Jaguar, Anyang the Siamese Crocodile, Skeeter the Eastern Kangaroo, Tundra the Mountain Bongo and Quillaq the liopluerodon. Yes, one of them is extinct. Get over it.

I work with dreams too; I've had premonitions for a while, ever since I was six actually. I know when things are going to happen before they do and I'm experienced at it. I know how to control myself in dreams, something I just recently learnt with the help of my pack so I won't be the best teacher for it. I also know a little bit about vivid and lucid dreaming so if you want some tips, send me a message.

What I teach/know:

- Totems/Guides

- Therianthropy

- Draconics

- Premonitions

- Lucid Dreaming

- Vivid Dreaming

- Pyrokinesis

- Electrokinesis

- Hydrokinesis

- Aerokinesis

- Spirits and Poltergeists

Is there anything else to say? Well, I've recently found out that I'm a shaman. I prefer working with my own time in nature at my own pace, rather than following the rules of wiccanism or satanism. On that note by the way, I don't care about whatever you associate with in life. If you're a Christian, I respect that. If you practise black magick, that's up to you. If you're gay, I'm cool with that. I just expect the same from you, that's all.


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