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Name: sandralynne
Birthday: Jul 1 1968
Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 10 Sep 2014

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Personal Bio
I am a hair designer of 20 years. I have been successfully divorced twice. Happier now than I have been my entire life! 8o)I'm a mother of two (boy born in 88, girl born in 05). I'm a hair designer since 91. I was born in Ohio, moved to Iowa when I was 30, and finally moved to Florida when I was 36.

I am interested in learning as much as possible about the Sabbats and their lore. bead work and other crafty things. I enjoy reading, spending time out of doors (the beach, the park, my patio), meeting new people, reviving the ancient art of letter writing, container gardening, music, art, theatre...

While I've not been "ranked" as yet, I can assure you I'm NOT "fluffy" material. At the VERY least, I AM a 13 year eclectic solitary beginner. I am solitary as I have no one to practice with. I am quite content with this arrangement. Although, I go to public group rituals facilitated by a group known as GSG. It's nice having sites like this and friends I can email. I've come more to depend on my books and the world wide web to do my studies. I am currently getting better acquainted with herbs and oils, creating my own oils blends, crystals and their uses,, history and lore of the Days of Power, lunar phases and recently beginning to explore the Celtic pantheon as well as spell crafting.

Due to tough economic times, I've really been working on creating my own spells for prosperity, business success, etc. Incorporating, herbs, oils, candles, spell bottle, wish box, and so on.

I've been reading LOTS of books, several different authors and subjects. Getting different perspectives from each of them, compiling notes for my own book of shadows. So much to learn and I've all the time I wish to take! I also enjoy reading what other think of different books they've read. I have been working hard to grow my library so I can cross reference while I study. I am also registered on goodreads. I have found this site to be helpful when selecting which of the many books out there I want to purchase.


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