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Name: WishOfPain
Birthday: Jul 17 1996
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 18 Jan 2016

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I've been on this site several times under several different names and have been a practitioner for around four years. I have scattered knowledge of many topics. If anyone would like to discuss or ask questions about anything, I am always open. In fact, I welcome it greatly. I will be respectful until given reason to act otherwise, so make the first impression a good one.

Outside of magick practices, I enjoy music, both playing and listening to. I also enjoy writing, whether that be stories, poetry, or song writing.

Please people, your messages are flattering, but don't message me just to flirt with me. If you have something interesting to actually talk about, I'll answer. Otherwise, do not bother.

**And please at least attempt correct spelling and punctuation.**

Thank you. Have a nice day.

To those I wish I could have had one last word with:



Despite our great falls,

Despite our raging emotions,

I hope you realize

The future that I visualize.

I let go with heavy heart

And restless mind,

But I thank my lucky star

Our connections got that far.

I shall see you all once more

When I come to join you.

I'll tell you all I have to say,

Then in paradise we will lay.

(Always Awake, Always Restless)


Legend speaks of a time when all humans were shown for only their souls. We took the form of black shades. The exception, however, was our eyes. These eyes were considered the windows to the soul. When one being looked into the eyes of another, they could understand everything that the other person was. Happiness, pain, love and hate, even intention, all were seen and understood between people, just by glancing into each others eyes.

However, there were those who were scared of these connections. They begged the gods to bring change, to give them a way to hide their true selves from everyone. The gods agreed and gave new form to humans. Instead of a black shroud, there grew skin, hair, teeth and all kinds of characteristics that would distract everyone away from their eyes.

For a millennia, the people grew happy with their secrecy. They could lie and deceive others for their own gain. But it was quickly realized that this secrecy made it almost impossible to form the sacred connections of the past. Humanity was paying the cost for being able to hide, the inability to find each other.

To this day, the windows to the soul remain. Some say if you share a gaze with another enough in your lifetime, you can still find the connection that all people once shared. A wholesome connection of purity and understanding. All you have to do, is let yourself be seen.

~The Windows to the Soul

by WishofPain


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