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Name: WarlockXyra
Gender: Female
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I use the term warlock because of the history of the word. Originally this meant pact breaker, referring to a pact between a god and humanity not to use magic. I do not follow any gods, and see them as useless to me. Thus their opinions and desires serve me no purpose. I use magic in utter defiance of this, hence the term warlock being preferred.

How long have I used magic?

20 years now.

What is magic?

Magic is a way not to break the laws of the universe, but to use them to your advantage. To this end extensive study of math, physics, chemistry, biology, and geometry are the fundamental building blocks of magic. Technology, metalworking, and electronics are a great help.

How did I get here?

Turmoil breeds strength, experience breeds knowledge, and study breeds magic.

I was born with aspd, and had gotten myself into serious trouble until graduating high school. I had already studied quite a bit, and had my own concept of magic already. I didn't have any feeling of connection to religions, gods, similar things... When some of the people I got in trouble with burned my house down, I left, let them think i'm dead. I'll travel the world and learn of the things i'm confused about.

With a couple hundred dollars I left the us for four years. I traveled to Tibet, china, India, I wanted to go through the middle east, but it was in a state of war, and as a female, not really a safe place. So I went to japan, and from there to Russia. I wandered the frozen wasteland Russia is until reaching the populated areas, Moscow, and finally wandered Europe. I met a girl who was my lover in Europe, and she died, while I survived the exact same fall. After this I went to climb mt Olympus. When I reached the top I sarcastically screamed that Zeus should be man enough to show his face. I still assume this a coincidence, but I was struck by lightning while swimming a month later. I traveled from there to Brazil, met another girl, and she was murdered. After four years of learning, i returned to the us. Still unsure of why i would worship a god, but more sure i had no use to do so.

I refined my craft further, focusing on electricity, and the use of physics. A little more worn, but certainly after living life.


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