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Name: StormyRoss
Birthday: Oct 17 1996
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 04 Aug 2013

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Well, I went through a terribly tough break up with a guy.... and he left me stranded.. looking for his love. I lost my mind. I would see him. Or atleast what I thought was him until one of my friend's, (God bless her soul) Introduced me to Magick. Black mostly, but also white. I slowly gained my control back and well, I guess I just wanted to be able to talk to more people that do the things I do.

I am not the cleanest girl ever... I don't have a spotless record.... I can't say I haven't caused myself harm... I also can't say I haven't tried to kill myself multiple times let alone once... but what I can tell you about me is... if you get the chance to know me, and I mean really know me... please don't run like Hell... everyone does... And well... I'm just growing tiresome of being hurt and left...

I've lived in almost all of the fifty states and I never stayed for very long. If you know me and I don't remember you, I apologize.

And don't always underestimate us short girls... because before you know it, I could have your heart in my hands. I don't mean emotionally either... I only say such things to scare you ocfourse but I am sure someone would. If you don't know me, please don't judge me. I'm in no shape for another blow from anyone... I am bisexual yes.. but that means nothing. I respect straight people.. it's their decision.. as it is mine...

I've decided hat there is no more love left for me to give or recieve. I'm sorry... I just cannot get hurt yet again.

Numerology results:

Life Path Number: 1

Birthday Number: 17

Your Challenges

First Challenge Number: 7

Second Challenge Number: 7

Third Challenge Number: 0

Fourth Challenge Number: 0

Your Pinnacles

First Pinnacle Number: 9

Second Pinnacle Number: 9

Third Pinnacle Number: 9

Fourth Pinnacle Number: 2

Your Periods

First Period Number: 1

Second Period Number: 8

Third Period Number: 1

Your Personal Numbers

Personal Year: 6

Personal Month: 1

Personal Day: 1

Numbers based on your Name

Expression Number: 9

Heart's Desire Number: 9

Personality Number: 9

Balance Number: 7

Subconscious Self Number: 9

Karma Lessions: 2 4 6 7

Hidden Passions: 1 8

Cornerstone Letter: r

Capstone Letter: z

First Vowerl: o

~Take my hand doll face don't be afraid. I only wanna decorate the walls with your brains!~


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