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Name: DismalBlack
Birthday: Apr 26 1998
Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 26 Feb 2017

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hello, I am Sek Eden Kin (YES that is my real name).

You also may know me as AriesTiger01.

I have some experience in the Pagan, Wiccan, and Occult Arts.

I have been practicing in the Arts for about 5 years now and

have greatly increased my powers. whether you want to believe

me or not is up to you.

But I'll guarantee ONE thing, I DO NOT LIE. For lying forbades me of my sanity, laughability, and respectability, as well as my lineage.

My Favorite Colors: Purple, Black, White, Red, and Indigo (Although I am highly attracted to the color RED)

I'm good at:

Element Magic, Enchantment Spells

Barrier Magic, Healing Spells

Telekinetic Spells, Meditation

Binding Energies, and Summoning

I Developed a way to: absorb energy out of anything, also I am highly psychic, i can see the future (although it may be vague) and I'm always willing to help others (that's not the only thing i have/can do though) (Any Questions Just Ask)

My Spirit Animal Guides are as follows:

1)The Snake

2)The Wolf

3)The Jaguar/Black Jaguar

4)The Dingo

Achievements: I made a 100-layer impenetrable psychic/magic barrier which absolutely zero spirits (good or bad) have escaped from or intruded into without my permission and me sealing most to all of their powers. Just think if I let a powerful spirit loose without sealing their powers, let me tell you... it wouldn't be good.

Favorite quote: "I preach and teach to impeach the sin that is your rhymes, I modify to godify and this rap is insanity spitting profanity being epic immortality, fatality."

-Me (Sek Eden Kin)

My Sun Sign is Taurus

My Moon Sign is Taurus

My Root Chakra is STRONG

My Sacral Chakra is STRONG

My Solar Plexus Chakra is STRONG

My Heart Chakra is STRONG

My Throat Chakra is STRONG

My Third Eye Chakra is MODERATE

My Crown Chakra is STRONG

Think about this

Goal: To become perfectly precise about what you really want out of anything.

Ask yourself this question : What do you want?

At this point you must decide how to shape your fundamentals.

The most common answer received to this question is people saying "Power".

Power is a good start, but it has to be refined. Here's where the ability to analyze your desires comes in handy.

A person who wants power can take that concept and use it, but must think "Power over what?".

That can be reduced even further to "Power over which aspect of that thing?"

Break it down further until you come up with something that can be used in/for a spell.

The smallest of components in/of this topic or desire comprise the building blocks which

will eventually equate to the topic and/or desire of "Power


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