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Name: witchsam
Birthday: Mar 16 1990
Location: dubuque
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 29 Apr 2013

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i am sam,i prefer sam. im new to the world of witch craft and wicca. out of my family memebers i stick out like a sore thumb, i am different,different is good rather then being apart of the in crowd. for me tho i feel as if my spirit has been reborn in some way i dont understand things this fast paced world a part of me would rather run thur the woods then be stuck in a car. i am a writer,a poet,a lover and a fighter but i will only fight for those i love. people think me timid when i be wild im a free spirit for nothing can hold me down. at the moment tho i dare say my dreams and spirit have been crushed for chains now weigh me down i wish to escape this hell im in i know you cant use magic to solve all your woes but yet mine is a simple plight realease me from thy bounds and set me free, let me run among the deer let me soar high aside mighty dragons.

i feel my magic flow thur me as a snake in my veins,my wish is a simple one send me back to a time where magic ruled high where love was everywhere where my soul can run free. the gods i worship are the gods of ole from the land of endless sands to the greek isles,and the gods of the north to the gods of the east people foretell that the gods be dead but to this believer i say they slumber til a time they are needed yet again when mans need is dire when even this new god of gods falls upon deaf ears and doth not rise to aide man in a time of great need,for the gods of ole to rise again we must send our love their way

be their any that does not agree then fine dont complain to me when zeus strikes thee with a bolt

for those that follow i wish you well and may the gods be forever in your favor (some personal stuff that id like to add,i am bisexual and desperately searching for my other half of my soul,i am a lover and a fighter and will fight if need be my temper comes from my fathers side just to let u know.i am kind of an odd ball but who isnt i perfer the old ways of courtship for it just makes cents,if i had a choice i would eat anything and everything put in front of me,i love to travel and if i could b with my friends or the keeper of my heart. im shy at first but soon i will blossom and my true colors will shine)


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