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Name: dragonwhite
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Many people in the other realms call me the "Guardian of Dragon of White" (Dragon for short)... Well mainly because I fused my soul with my dragon's offspring. To top it all off, the very moment I was born Draco (constellation) was at it zenith, it coincided with both the Chinese, and Japanese, year of the Dragon. So that is why i have chosen it as my magical name. I split my spirit into three parts (Courage [me], Compassion [Crystal], and the hunger for more power [Zidoshi]) when I was just about 5 years old in order to strengthen and hone into my sealed abilities. Just this past winter (2012/2013) I fused back together with one of my parts (Crystal) and soon will refuse with the final part. But enough about that...

I have a wide field of abilities, scarring being one of them, as well as communicating with the elements. I could tell you more about what i can do, there's just one problem... Someone in one of my past sealed my innate and arcane abilities (Weather by my mother's orders or someone didn't want me to use it). Sounds farfetched? This isn't a joke. It is very frustrating when you know how to use certain types of magic but nothing happens...

Right now the best i can do is using my own internal flame to heat up the space between my hands verses going to Spirit-side (it's like a realm hub where all the other realms share) and using the full extent of my abilities (If only there was a way to bypass or eliminate the seals)...

There are two things i can do in this realm. That is Spiritblades (that's the technical term for them), the ancient arcane (sometimes banned) art of the soul-binding blades; and Ki Zidoshi(or spirit fusion). I'll give you a couple of Spiritblade examples for you.

Example 1: Say you needed to incapacitate a demon without hurting the actual person, the blade you want to use must inhibit the, what i call, "Divine Light."

Example 2: say you need to consecrate your magical energy to an object, instead of using crystals, you could use the spiritblade's sealed state to house it. It will hold as much energy as you want.

The only downside to it all, is that for each spiritblade created, a small part of you is taken away (much like separating a portion of your soul) which act as it's personality. There is an upside, they act kind of like a familiar so you can use them in rites as well. I should warn you, you have to be pretty powerful in order to create one; the process might brake you. It took me 4 years to have close to the amount of energy necessary to create my first blade (it came close, but by some fluke it was created).

Ki Zidoshi, from what i can tell, is the ultimate sealing magic and spirit fusion. There are three types (or levels) of Zidoshi (By the way, i don't like to repeat, so two types have zidoshi as the beginning, and the third is like above):

1: "Z" Imita: The fusion of a soul to another. If the spirits aren't compatible with each other, the souls may cancel each other out.

2: "Z" Senziku: The soul incarceration or imprisonment. This works most of the time. Where the soul of the target is forced to embody an object. then the object is sealed from within to prevent the soul from escaping.

3: Ki "Z": I have done this one personally. Works both ways when done properly. It can separate the one soul into three pieces, and can also fuse them back together. Unlike murdering which fragments the soul into pieces; Ki "Z" takes the three aspects of the soul then makes them into complete identical souls (Much like when a mother gives birth to triplets). The split souls are as thus: Male, Female, and power. The each one of the souls can take control of the body or is able to astro project to other realms almost at will. if all three leave the physical form, the body won't die, it will more or less go to sleep till one of the souls returns. To refuse the all three souls together, they each have to be equal in power with the other, if one is weaker then the rest only the two stronger ones fuse together (but not a complete fusion). The Ritual involved in separating or fusing together takes up quite a bit of space. I can tell you what you need in more detail if you want. The Picture I have up is the Spell Circle in which Ki Zidoshi can be preformed in.

I have more knowledge in that type of arcane magic if you want to know more. To answer your question: Yes, there are incantations to create the blades and you need to have an object in which to seal it into.


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