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Name: Witching
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I am not new to this site or to the occult as I've been in the craft for nearly 14 years. My purpose here is mainly to teach so if you have any questions my inbox is always open. I've preformed many accurate readings, and I'm also a "Psychic councilor." (Non-licensed) Please message me on whatever topic you need help on, chances are I've taught it before. :)

Also, I'm generally a happy and fun person, so don't be surprised if you see me joking or laughing at something seeminly randome, I enjoy life to it's fullest. :D

My Style: If you have any problem with my actions, beleifs, or practices, please send me a message. I'm extreamly open to feedback and would greatly appreciate it if it is presented in a calm and collected maner.

My Membership: I've been on this site on around 10 accounts (Yes, I'm indecisive with my name, not because of "gags") so my accounts all have different perks to them. I have reached the "contributor" status on some accounts, if you would like to know which one, just message me.

I will NOT cast spells for others, spoon feed you information, give readings, or tollerate fluff. I am an understanding person however don't be surprised if you find yourself blocked for ignoring this.

<><><><><><><><><><><><> Beginner's Guide <><><><><><><><><><><>

You can't become a vampire, werewolf, mermaid, fairy or anything other than human.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Basics ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Meditation is one of the best ways to regulate your body; as it balances your emotions, hormones, blood pressure, thoughts and much more. In magic, meditation is considered an extremely important basic, as it is the foundation for many magical workings. There are an infinite number of ways to meditate which is useful because meditation can be customized for each individual. One technique is to just close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Although it seems very simple, it can do wonders in your life and magic workings.

Visualization is essentially creating an image in your mind much like a daydream. This technique is useful when doing your magical workings because if you can visualize the outcome of what you desire (say getting a good grade on a test) then you will have a higher chance of fulfilling that desire. (Getting an A+) To improve this skill, meditate regularly, and try to visual something you know well, such as a toy or jewelry. Form a mental image in your mind of the object, each time going further and further into detail.

Grounding is an activity to balance your energy by removing excess, or replenishing, the energy in your body. Think of your body as a cup of water; as you do magical workings you drink/fill the cup. Grounding ensures that the water isnt completely used or overflowing. To ground yourself, a good technique is to visualize your body as a tree; grow your roots deep into the ground and spread your leaves. As energy comes from both the ground and the sun, visualize it replenishing yourself and allowing you to grow.

Centering is, in my opinion, the second step to grounding. This activity allows you to take your personal energy and mold it into 1 constant flow of energy. Think of centering as bringing together many small streams to form a strong and powerful river. To center yourself, visualize a silhouette of your body, twisting and turning with energy. As you continue, visualize the energy being condensed into 1 place in your body (typically the navel). Then, whenever you need to draw from your power visualize the energy bursting out from where you stored it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Casting Spells ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Spells are essentially tools that can be used to direct energy into a specific outcome. (Such as getting an A+ on a test) However, some spells (many on this site) are destined to fail because they aim to accomplish outlandish goals. (Such as changing your DNA)


  • Sometimes it helps to forget about the spell so that you arent having second thoughts about the spells effectiveness.
  • You need to believe your spells are going to work. If you dont believe, how can you achieve?
  • Use your resources. The more you practice and do the basics, the more effective your spell will be.
  • Put all of your emotion into the spell while visualizing the outcome you desire.

Why Spells Fail

  • You dont believe you are able to cast the spell
  • You dont believe the spell will work
  • You havent practiced the basics enough
  • You didnt put quality effort into the spell
  • The spell was never able to work (It was a fluffy spell)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Writing Spells ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Writing your own spell is actually quite easy. Get something to write on (can be electronic) and write these down:

  1. What you desire the spell to do (The Title)
  2. Your current emotions/intent
  3. Any tools/ingredients you want to include
  4. Any actions you want to include (Ex. Dancing)
  5. Any words you want to say

When you are done, make it a more formal spell by cleaning it up a bit and adding anything else you desire. When you are done, try it out. Dont be frustrated if it doesnt work the first time, spells take practice. As a note, spells dont have to rhyme or include items.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tools/Materials ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The wonderful about magic is that nothing is required. Although many craft practitioners prefer using tools, they are not a necessity to preform magic. Some practitioners never use tools; it all depends on personal preference.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Magic(k) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As youve probably seen, some people add a k to magic when talking about it. This is to distinguish between stage magic (which is for entertainment) and magick, which is a practice. You can spell it either way you choose, its just personal preference. Secondly, magic is neither good, nor evil; neither black, nor white. Magic is determined based on the intent of the caster; one could easily use white magic to harm someone and use black magic to help someone. Thirdly, witches are not necessarily Wiccans. Witchcraft is a practice, while Wicca is a religion that incorporates the concepts of witchcraft.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Chakras ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The chakras are the 7 energy centers of the body. Each chakra supposedly attributes to a different aspect of your well-being; and when these chakras become unbalanced or blocked, they cause disturbances in your body. To open and balance these chakras, it is best to do chakra work. As that is a lesson in and of itself, please message me if you care to learn how to do it. These are the 7 chakras:

  1. Root
  2. Sacral
  3. Solar Plexus
  4. Heart
  5. Throat
  6. Forehead/3rd Eye
  7. Crown


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