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Name: DAMFine
Location: Ferny Glen
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 24 Mar 2013

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Throughout my life I have been aware that I possess a number of spiritual gifts and abilities. From about 4 years old I began a relationship with The Great Spirit (my God), with Nature and unbeknownst to me at the time, with a wide variety of Spirits. I first started astral traveling some time between 4 and 5 years old. Traveling to both physical locations in the this world and to locations in other realms. I thought this was quite normal and none of it, although curiously different, was disturbing to me. Spirits used to gather above my cot / bed and I could see them and speak to them quite freely.

As I grew older I became very interested in the number of different religions and the different types of spiritual expression across history, by different races and people across the globe. I have had spiritual experiences that have left priests, psychics, psychiatrists, psychologists and medical practitioners at a loss for explanation in general. I have been the recipient of spiritual miracles with very physical healing properties, I have been a participant in 'spiritual warfare', I have been the recipient of three very different exorcisms (one of which was the singularly most definitive moment in my life - to be cleansed spiritually, to have another spirit removed from your body is a truly defining moment), I have been prayed for by Charasmatic priests who then are then seem to receive the energy through me that they are supposed to be channeling for me and I have had Aura photographs taken that the photographers have not been able to adequately explain how those colours are visible in the places they are.

My spiritual journey so far has been nothing short of exceptional, incredible and miraculous. I am continually searching for new experiences especially for teachers / mentors to help me with the development of my spiritual gifts. This has been somewhat fraught with difficulty as 'interference' seems to occurs in the lives of my mentors / teachers. I found this website because I have been learning human life lessons and I really need to tap into my personal spiritual strength in new ways. I look forward to future exchanges with like-minded individuals exploring their spirituality.


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