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Name: Merlin1998
Location: Physically: Salisbury, MD; Mentally: Everywhere, yet Nowhere
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 24 Oct 2016

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Personal Bio

My name is Regulus Denebola Leonis (Not real name). I am a mortal man seeking a way to Omnipotence (Absolute Power). The reason is to make a new world where there is no WAR, no FAMINE, no DEATH, ONLY ETERNAL PEACE and ETERNAL LIFE. Where EVIL is but a dream. I am young and naive, but is it so wrong to wish for this. But unfortunately I am not "All-powerful",... yet. (Devilish Grin) Now, if there is someone who knows of a way for this to come true, e-mail me here or my gmail account ( Thank you for reading my profile. I am also accepting any request in joining me in hope of succeeding in the creation of my/our own perfect world.

Avarnia (The name of my world):

A world that I wish to create and rule. The reason why is to escape from the sins that have plagued this world for far too long. Avarnia is the "world without worry, fear, disease, or war. It is a world of *immortality* and peace." Avarnia will be set up in elemental regions ruled by one Original Earthling that is chosen by me.(To those reading this sorry, I have already chosen my Kings and Queens.) My Elements are Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Poison, Lightning, Love, Ice, Darkness, Death, Light, and finally Life. Darkness and Death will be in the Underworld. Earth will be a vast forest where the inhabitants live in the trees. Air will be a Cloud Kingdom resting upon towering mountains where the inhabitants all have wings. Fire will be a Giant Volcanic region full of fiery creatures such as Dragons. Water will be a Massive Ocean full of Merfolk, and all manner of Sea Monsters. Poison will be a scorching desert filled with poisonous wildlife. Lightning will be a Thundering Plateau full of electrical creatures such as the Thunderbird(Native American spirit, not the car). Love will be a tropical land with a large lagoon at the center. Around the lagoon are beautiful, white, sandy beaches where all the inhabitants are beautiful/handsome and naked.(Well, since it is the Land of Love it would obvious to make it that way.) Ice will be a frozen tundra full of creatures that can survive the cold and also are made of ice. Now, finally, last but not least, my land of Light and Life will be a golden, Greco-Roman-Medieval, super city. My palace will put the Taj Mahal to shame. In short: MY Paradise.

*I know that immortality may have some limitations(such as losing loved ones and family members), but I a solution. 1 second on Earth = 1 million years in Avarnia. So 1 day on Earth = exactly 8,640,000,000,000 years in Avarnia.

My Favorite Forms:

My Royal Form (Man with Dragon Eyes, Snake's Tongue, webbed feet, wings[right wing Gold, left Silver], right arm made of unbreakable automail (watch "Fullmetal Alchemist"), Electric Legs, Belt of Attractiveness, left arm made of unmeltable ice, vampire fangs, hair of sunlight, Torso of Night.)

My Slender Form (Sexual-Pleasureman; kinder, gentler, more romantic version of Sexual-Offenderman)

My Human Forms

My Battle Form (looks like Hindu war diety)

My Energy Form

My Divine/True Form

My Dragon Forms

Job list (available positions only):

My Queen (If any women/tgirls want to be my Queen, you will have to win in competition, my own version of Queen's Blade) (Queen's Blade is a very interesting anime about an all female battle competition of the same name held every 4 years to decide a new Queen. Mine will be held every 4 million years.)
















Priests and Priestesses

High Priests and Priestesses

Scribes and Scholars









If any of you who want to join me, just give your real first and last name as well as what position/job you want that is listed above. I will add all of you to the list. Thank you.

Elemental regions:

Darkness and Death - Underworld

Earth - The Eden Forest

Air - The Misty Mountains

Fire - The Burning Kingdom

Water - The Great Ocean

Poison - The Toxic Desert

Lightning - The Thundering Plateau

Love - The Paradise Lagoon

Ice - The Frozen Kingdom

Light and Life - The Golden Lands


And for those who are wondering about overpopulation in my world, as the population grows so does my world.


Air - The Cloud Temple

Fire - The Dragon Temple

Water - The Ocean Temple

Earth - The Forest Temple

Poison - The Basilisk Temple

Lightning - The Storm Temple

Ice - The Iceberg Temple

Love - Temple of Eternal Love

Light/Life - Temple of Living Light

Darkness/Death - Temple Of Shadowy Death

How each element is connected to me:

Earth - My strength, and strong view & vision

Air - My knowledge and wisdom

Fire - My burning desire and will

Water - My emotional self

Poison - My toxic personality

Lightning - My quick thinking, and quick judgement

Love - My lustfulness, love of beauty

Ice - My cold-shoulder and love of Winter

Darkness - My devious mind

Death - My fear

Light - My kindness and purity

Life - My eternal soul

Tests of Fire:

Walk a mile on hot coals

Tame the Hayoth (Biblical being of Fire)

Befriend a Dragon

Forge a Flaming Sword

Tests of Water:

Swim to the bottom of the Great Ocean

Tame the Leviathan

Befriend a Sea Serpent

Forge a Trident

Tests of Earth:

Climb the tallest tree

Tame the Behemoth

Befriend a Centaur

Forge an Earthen Spear(magic spear forge from the sacred Earth Tree)

Tests of Air:

Climb the tallest mountain

Tame the Ziz Bird (Biblical being of Air)

Befriend a Griffin

Forge a Winged Gauntlet

Tests of Poison:

Sleep in a pit of snakes

Tame the Basilisk

Befriend a Giant Spider

Forge a Poisoned Dagger

Tests of Lightning:

Grab a lightning bolt

Tame the Thunderbird

Forge a Lightning Staff

Tests of Love:

Have sex with me in my Sexual-Pleasureman Form

Tame a Gorgon (think Medusa from "Clash of the Titans" recent version)

Befriend a Cupid

Forge a Bow & Arrows of Love

Tests of Ice:

Trek through a blizzard, naked

Tame a Yeti

Befriend a Dire Wolf

Forge a Frozen Hammer (think Thor's Hammer, but with ice instead of lightning powers)

Tests of Darkness and Death:

Face your greatest fears

Tame a Wraith

Befriend a Demon

Forge a Scythe & a Skull made of Shadow Crystal

Tests of Light and Life:

Meditate for 7 months

Tame the Hydra

Befriend an Angel

Forge a Soul Orb & a Sun Shield

My Slender Form:

In this form I am "Sexual-Pleasureman". I am the most powerful of all Slenders. I am the kinder, gentler version of "Sexual-Offenderman". In this form, all of my lovers will feel only pleasure.(BTW- each of my tendrils ends with the head of a penis. The biggest one takes the place of where mine is.) In this form, I look like Slenderman, but I wear Gold clothes(and shoes) and have Silver Skin. I also have a perfect smile, no razor sharp, pointed teeth. However, if I am angered or threatened while in this form, then I am like angry Splendorman but scarier. Plus, my semen has magical properties.

The properties of my (pardon the vulgarity) Slender Cum:

Quick Recovery (for more than one round)

Shemale transformation (reason; it a weird fetish of mine, how; only if I orgasm in a woman's vagina)

Aphrodisiac (to make them want more. Lasts five hours after first deposit)

Power Granting/Strength Increase (for the hell of it)

Age Reversal/Eternal Youth (wineds back the biological clock to at least age 21 for when I am back in this reality; side note- every few centuries I will come back to check on my family and have a little fun, too. Don't worry, while I am here time will freeze in Avarnia for awhile, but with no adverse effects on the physical make-up or mentality of the citizens of Avarnia.)

My Slender Powers:





Gender Manipulation

Hypnosis (for stubborn ones)

Additional Limbs/Tentacle Extention


X-ray vision

Sex Specialist



Lust Aura

All Omnipotent abilities

Look up Sexual-Offenderman to make sense of this next part.

Rose Symbology:

Silver Rose - "I find you to be very beautiful."

Gold Rose - " I will treasure you, forever."

My Dragon Forms:

In these forms I take on the physiology of any Dragon; Elemental, Western, Asian, etc...

Most powerful Dragon Form will be my "God Dragon" Form.

God Dragon:

Has multiple heads

Impenetrable scales

Claws made of Adamantium

Most Powerful Attack: Judgement Beam; a.k.a "Divine Judgement"

Most Powerful Defense: "Godly Love", spreads wings to great lengths from around myself to around an entire planet or solar system


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