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Name: infinitlight
Birthday: Nov 20
Location: inbetween infinit vibrations.;)
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 19 Jul 2014

Membership: Member

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Hey I'm sage I kept this name from someone very close to my heart we will always be connected no matter what pathes we have taken in life .I'm here. Becouse I would like to touch as many souls as I can to put word in there belly of truth in christ and what he has done for us and what he continues to do everyday of our lifes, we give no thought or praise for our lifes and blessing that he so selflessly gave to us and still gives us ever waking day, instead most people arrogantly run through life

Not even caring from where there blessings came from and don't even know why there takin away.. just remember the Devil is a damn lier the demons talk in your ears and god talks to your heart listen to your heart a bit more..I judge no one whatever religion or belief I may not agree. But I will never judge I have love for all and I hope I touched atleast a few :) btw I lovee animals and they love me I do have other gifts that god O:-) has graced me with and I am very grateful to him for that..

fav music all kinds to many to name i luv No Doubt;) avril lavien,alanis mors, chris brown beautiful people,...:) faaav is warm shadow by phink

fav color ironicly Black/red.;) white,yellow just getting use to pink. =}

fav movies ofcourse the craft/WALKIN DEAD and chi masters, troy 300 there are 2many to name luv karate flix horror flix.;) Dark psycology films/ cartoons robot chicken/fam Guy/Bobs burgers..lmao one of my an American horror story > ;) ((( ps. Please xcuse if I have anything miss spelled Laazy..))) ;) sum smart things people say; Anger is just a sleeve to cover fear and pain. Forgivness is taking off your coat for a breath of fresh Air.. "me. ; * ;) an yes I piff puff so what ! ;) lol


Sh** I can't stand,

Humans who LIE

People who Abuse children,animals,or anyone for that Matter!

Weak minded followers who hurt others for a little recognition

Greedy. Envious humans


Ignorant small. Closed minded Humans

Obsessed stalkers. (Sheesh..

Just dumb ass people who no nothing an

Aren't smart enough to see what's right in frount of them

And or smart enough to research and find out!

Fake smart people they swear they no everthing and can't xplain

There own explainations. Lol

Cold a** days and its raining. Lol

And everything this world has come to. Smh.

Hope for peace an the awakening of peoples spirits to join energies

Through positive movements.. O:-)

Please for the minors we can talk but only if it is pertaining to learning the bible

I am not interested to date or talk about anything xrated with 15yr olds

So keep it clean thanx.. ;) love you all..


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