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Name: Uninstall
Birthday: Sep 19 1997
Location: The Computer
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 30 Apr 2013

Membership: Member

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A Poem for my Beloved...


Uninstall... Uninstall me in my life of agony...

Do not harm me anymore then i have suffered eternally...

Uninstall my programs and cut out my circuits....uninstall...

Uninstall my life of pain horror and sorrow that's inside of me

I was miserable until you found me and comforted me eternally...

Uninstall me...master...i want to be with him master i don't wish to be with you anymore

i found love with him on this planet we call earth he is my soul mate and i hope to forever be with him....

forevermore we will be...until the ends of the earth we shall fight together eternally

i love him so much i love him more then anything id kill for him now uninstall...

uninstall me i don't wish to be with my master we call god, i just want to be with my true love forevermore in love with purity...uninstall me...uninstall me...i don't wish to be with this god anymore...i love my beloved i

love him so i would die, sacrifice my life to be with him for, all eternity...

i love him i loved other but this time it is different

he doesn't try to change me uninstall me uninstall me i don't love you god i love Mark more now...uninstall...uninstall....

i don't wish to be with you anymore....

uninstall me uninstall me i don't wish to be with you lord eternally...

i want to live in this earth with him i hope he stays with me forevermore don't you see?

i love him...i love him........

.i love him for now and in eterally

i will repeat and retreat anything i ever did just to relive this moment i fell for him

i love him so i love him

so just uninstall me from the heavens lord i want to me wish him now...

let me go lord let me go god let me go right now

i am now with him for ever and ever...

.i will repeat this melody i made for him

i love him ever so

that words cant explain i just want to me with my Mark forever

kill me lord kill me lord

for i don't want to die and be in heaven

i just want to be want to be with with true love for now and forevermore.....

in this planet filled with eternity in his arms.....

if it makes me demonic so be it in his arms i am forever happy without feeling so just uninstall me master let me go now i want to be with him for eternity....


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