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Name: rectria
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My name is Sandra you may call Raven I am a very nice girl I am not rude if you rude or nice to me does not matter because I am nice to you that is how sweet I am I am looking for a teacher to teach me high level or low level magic but no death spells it is against my code of honor.I am a huge PSYCHOTICALLY OBSESSED Teen titans fan I know everything about it/them.I am a goth I have really horrible unfairness okay I am in serious trouble now someone give me a spell to get me back into my old school it was terrible they transferred me out because I was afraid of the color red while I was wearing black and of balloons yes that is it! that is the main reason and now I have to get a psychiatric evaluation why not to mention a boy there said I was harassing his friends he beat me up one time and other occasions and the assistant principal got angry at me for all of that I cannot help it any of it it turns out I am not afraid of red it is unknown now still working on it I just wish they could have given me a better solution to rather just kicking me out I can get back in but I need serious back up and people to vouch for me maybe so I had to transfer to another school a charter one it is horrible uniform and all these bad kids gr annoying annoying annoying everything got harder because of that I have to take the bus now whoopee do I am dealing with another school which I really love and always root for and still do but whose students some like 15 or 16 videotaped and took pictures of me with out my consent and humiliated me pretty much and swore that I gave them permission and sent it off to my crush and they bitched about me supposedly harassing them when they called me over and that I was harassing the ringleader that lead that problem with the photos and videos and accused me of harassing crush who I only asked 2 questions and after that they kept on texting him and said that I was harassing him they were all like ''you were basically harassing him'' hello I do not even have his phone number was I the one who was holding the phone texting the living daylight savings out of him NO so they should shut up and there was a mother who said that I was harassing her son uh okay I had no idea who she is or was talking about so... whatever and the ringleader's girlfriend got mad at me because I freaked out when I fell in mud I ran back and forth accidentally got mud on her shoes and she got all upset from a little mud and the ringleader said I scuffed her J's (type of shoe) and told me to wash my hands get a towel and clean her shoes so I did but I decided not to and the same people I saw the next time had the nerve to say all of that was my fault and that I purposely turned around and spilled mud on her shoes pure on purpose (I did not) it was a disaster so my parents banned me from going there I was upset so they were annoying not truly but I did some things I will confess but they never confessed all the things they did because they twisted it all into saying we did not do anything,you harassed us, and you purposely got mud on this girl's shoe.So I am begging I want to fix my old school problem first everyone there is begging for me to come back so I do not know what to tell them someone have mercy and help me.

I like writing stories,acting,etc.

if you have been bullied i know how you feel,

nobody is perfect so do not judge anybody about anything,

you do not have to be my friend I just want respect,

people deserve love,kindness,and respect not sass,

if you need my help I am always there for you,

be brave and you could do anything nothings impossible,

do not hurt others it is hurtful to them also you are hurting yourself because they can no longer trust or respect you,

and always give effort of what you do

To all who are saying sorry for what?you were not the ones who... i knew it was going to be this way with the depression and the lies but they were the only ones that made me feel like I was not worthless and do not tell me I am not.

And guess what nobody likes or loves me and when I get bullied people laugh but take a guess I am not laughing. I am crying.


And to AWTOK COME AT ME but here is my favorite verse from Take a Hint by Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies to you:

Get your hands off my hips, 'fore I will punch you in the lips

Stop your staring at my... Hey!

Take a hint, take a hint

No you cannot buy me a drink, let me tell you what I think

I think you could use a mint

Take a hint, take a hint

La, la, la...

T-take a hint, take a hint

La, la, la...


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