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Name: dragon777
Birthday: Jun 15 1990
Location: India
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 03 Jun 2015

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Sorry friends,

It seems my communication limit has been reached.

Thus I can't reply to your mails.

I am very Sorry.


Thanks for everything Friends and everyone who talked to me.




Nice to meet you, friends.


All who are friends, see in the last on this page.

There is a final message from me for friends.

Because I decided to leave this site.




I am here to learn just like you all.

There exist many types of magic, including spell casting.

I plan to learn them all one by one.

I will evolve from within and become a great person, and then I will fulfill my dream, along with my friends.

To have a life, full of adventure and happiness, I will learn magic and make a best life to live.

And also to help all persons whom I can, for that also I require some magic lessons too.


I am me, and that's all.

I am happy because I have friends, true friends.

I have acquired a lot of knowledge from searching net from here and there, from site to site, document to document.

Thus all I need is experience and a lot of experience.

Belief = Knowledge + Experience.

When we have strong belief, then strong magic can be done too.

But trying to believe and actually believing are different things.

To truly have belief or develop your own belief,

you need Knowledge and experience.

knowledge comes from learning from a lots of different sources.

While experience comes from practicing many times.

For magic, basic requirement is to Believe in magic, and believe in your power of doing magic.

Then You need to have good focus, to enhance results many fold.

Basics are Meditation, Visualization, Grounding, centering, shielding and others, depending on what magic you practice or what path you choose to walk.

No matter which path you walk, or even many paths together, because in the end all paths lead to one destination.

learning about magic is one thing, that is knowledge.

While doing magic is another thing, that will provide experience.

Both are necessary.

Balance is key element in life, because unbalance things are bound to fall apart.

if one wish to walk, a path is created.

If one try to search, then he will find.

If one want to know, he will learn.

Well, it is none of my concern on which path you walk,

because it is your own choice. Thus choose wisely.

knowledge gives you options/possibilities,

Applying that knowledge gives result/power.

Wisdom tells us about the correct direction to apply it.

Also wisdom guides us about right or wrong, directions.

Everything has +points and -points.

everything changes from time to time, place to place, person to person, and point to point.

I am on my way of learning, so that I can fulfill my dreams as soon as i can.


For all friends who like to contact me, other then this site, then here it is, my mail address:


Below written content/message is


Dear Friends,

I am Sorry for a lots of things.

And Thanks friends, thank you a lot.

Because of you I had many wonderful things, you all helped me from time to time, to open my eyes, to guide me the correct path, to inspire and motivate me, and the best part is that you understood me.

Even though many might have laughed or ignored my dreams, but you supported me, and understood me.

Even though my dream clearly looked impossible to achieve, yet you always believed in me.

And I too believe in you, friends.

It was a small time, but it was fun having conversation with you.

I will miss you all.

But I still remember my promise.

And if we ever meet in this lifetime, then I am sure to help you.

Because I help all good persons.

It seems that I can't reply to any message on this site.

Thus even if you message me, then also it will not be replied, and I am sorry for that.

But I am still here on this site.

Although I don't know how many days.

Because the longer happiness lasts the better.

To me, meeting you all was happiness. and it still is too.


One more thing,

I will make an account here again, soon.

But, I won't add you there.

Because I want to find out what fate has in store for me.

Thus if you can find me on that account then its wonderful isn't it.

because nothing happens just by coincidence.

Everything moves in the desired direction, reflected by feelings and beliefs of each individual.

I hope we meet again, maybe on my new account.


PS: I believe in you, and I will keep my promise.


I won't be changing this profile anymore.

Thus it is the final message to all friends and dear friends.

Well, the number of my friends

(all over the world including here)

are still less than 10.

maybe less than 7.

But I am still happy that I met you all.

My life changed a lot after meeting you.


THANKS for everyone on this site, who ever had a conversation with me.

Because I am glad that I learned a lots of good things from lot of people here.


I like to THANK all the people who created this site.

It is really a wonderful place to learn magic, mostly useful spells.

I respect you all.

Thanks a lot.


Bye everyone

Few days more.

I am glad that I met some good people/friends.

And I am glad that I joined this site.

Most of the things I learned about magic, comes from this site.



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