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Name: AstralFires
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This isn't the first time I have had an account on this website, I left it as there was problems in my own life that needed to be sorted out first. But anyway now I'm back and hoping to begin my learning again...

I am learning about the astral plane currently, not projecting as I know how to do this, if you know anything about the astral plane or website with information on it about the astral plane it would be much appreciated if you would share. Things like the inhabitants of the plane, things of interest in the plane (such as "realms" of different entities, etc.) and pretty much anything else

I know a decent amount about meditation and contacting spiritual beings and have looked into spiritual satanism and various paths in Buddhism a few times although settled on living a life of freedom from religion as so there is no restrictions as to what I choose to do in my life. I also know a fairshare about alchemy, which has taught me a lot about riddles, mind games and reading in-between the lines. I also read a lot about the craft so may even know a small amount about many other topics so if you think I could help with any of these things just send me a message and I'll be more than happy to help.

As for myself outside of the craft I have little to say as I do not know you :P but I'm 16 and live in Wales, UK. I have a very strange life and often find myself back where what I am trying to do started if that makes sense to you. I also see a lot of people on this site putting warnings about messing with them or their friends and family's and showing that they will not take lightly to such things, all I have to say about that is that I grew up in a very rough area where police don't ever go so fighting isn't exactly something I have no experience in, and knowing that I see why they make such viloent threats as I could say they have yet to see what a really goes on when the law isn't there to protect them.

"The only foolish question, is the one that wasn't asked"

"Darkness is just light insideout"

"Hate is a strong word, so use it carefully"


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