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Name: Michaeletto
Birthday: Oct 7 1990
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 11 Jun 2015

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I am a 17 year old male, my intrests primarily being the Arts. I see no ditinction in forms of Wicca as Black Or White, & I wish to clear this ultimate fact to all that you must understand that in all my seriousness I say this Wiccan Spells, rituals are neither 'Good' nor 'Evil'. Spells are neither the Lord's Prayer nor are they Lucifer's Curse. They are the true basis of energy & essence of nature. However it is your INTENT that can however be regarded as Help or Harm. & Keep in mind this at all times Wicca is NOT for the weak of heart, it is NOT for those that only seek it through what they learn from fairytales & books of Fiction. Wicca & Paganism are religions, they are beliefs, oldest in the world in fact. & Only practioners with TRUE FAITH, BELIEF & DEDICATION can hope to achieve something.

I am a learner & practitioner with firm belief & also one that does not respond to being played. I only seek those who I deem are true & I will not heed to the calling of those who have no respect for our age old beliefs. Once I would like to clear that Wicca is not a few mere verses in Latin, or 'Love Potion' concoctions. It is more, it is the intertwining or your very spirit & soul with the beliefs of Wicca.

That being said I would like to say that I'm open to all & I am rather friendly & do like making acquatainces with those that share my thoughts & beliefs. I am kind to all that are kind to me. But let this remain a warning to those that seek me out for the wrong reasons you will bear the consequences. One way or the other. The principle of 'Karma' dear friends is very real.

I have myself come up with several rituals concerning Health, Luck & peace of the Mind & Soul & over the years have come up with rituals for Self Protection. I also believe I am partly Psychic as I have had premonitions. But this is soething I haven't been able to act upon as my visions majorly concern vague flashes & are inconsistent.

& I welcome anyone who would like to seek my companionship.



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