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Name: carica
Location: Uk
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 21 Apr 2012

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Hail to Satan! I apoligize, I will not be able to come on here very offten due to a very bussy life. (I have exams, reading, karate, et cetra) ----> I'm so intrested in vampires, i done loads of research, i hope i will see a vampire with my own eyes walking down a street. I read loads of myth's and books about them and as i read more about them, the more I excited get and the more I want to become one of them. I know it's curse to be a vampire, but i thought over it for 4 years and i wouldn't miss a chance to become one of them, cause i made a choice. I respect those creatures and i wish theire kind grew stronger. ----> Magic. I like magic too. I have good expierience! But now i kinda stopped use it. Cause i have some troubles and i want to understand my self. So for now I just study about vampires. Mayve i got a little bit over excited about them. I believe in magic and it worked for me a loads of time. But some spells on this website din't work, well i guess maybe they fake. After all i think i should more develop my inner strenght because i find myself sometimes weak. Cause I sometimes think I'm getting nuts! About Me : My experience with magic is only 2 years, and i'm very young [15] I born on 21 of June on the longest day of the year. My grandma is a White/Kitchen witch, she has a golden heart, she never used in her life black/gray magic. She also proffesional at tarot cards and others, which yet I don't know them. She told it's in our blood, her grandmother's did it too. My dad is against it, he believes it's the way of devil. But I do it and learn it, my grandma also shows me lot's of support and shares her knowledge with me, she teached me lots of things that are important. My zodiac is Gemini, I can be very aggresive and negative. Lots of people say I'm stubborn child and I do things my way. I love to draw i'm very good at it and also dancing. I usually spend my time on my own, I don't feel like to be the soul of the group. I usually in my room reading books and studying, I write my own book and poems. I spend loads of time dreaming and listenic to music, I'm very indipendant person. I take love seriously, I prefer stay with person in realationship for a good long time. I'm very closed person and I hardly let any one close. In strangers eye's I seem be freak, they do not really like me and call me goth. And what makes me mostly laugh! Actually I don't call my self goth but If be honest I do look like one. By calling me freak, I'll laugh and enjoy! I love this word actually. Here I'm trying to be as nice as I can, but if ur going to piss me off, u wouldn't like it. I prefer stay in my room alone or somewhere wonder in graveyards. I am very calm, but u can get me easily MAD. More Information ~: ....About me.... .I have a big imagination .I love to scare people .I love graveyards .I love the moon. She's very beautifull. .I love bats, wolfs and snakes .I talk, when I'm asleep. .I love to sing & dance .I love to Draw Scary paintings .I dont own patience .I am creative .I can easly hate .I am a Freak .I dress what ever I like. I love: Gothic/Metal/Rock/ music, i Love Dark poetry and songs, coffins, moon, darknes, candless, graveyards, moonlight, stars, night, Dark art, Gothic paintings, corsets, victorian style, Castless, snakes, bats, far, dreams, nightmares, sunset's, twilight, books, vampires, gothic style and life, rain, storm, winter,autumn, black, blood, red, fangs, black roses, death, pain, fanasy... I hate: Meangirls, clowns, zombies, mornings, R'n'B, 50 cent, Madona, Britney SpearS, Spiders, Chavs, Worms,Pop, Rock'n Roll, Maths, Copy Cats, Fake People... Music: Nightwish, Paramore, KoRn, Slipknot, Dark Sanctuary , Within Templation, Blood Parade, H.I.M, Kittie, Angelzoom, Evenascence, Linking Park, Atreyu, Machine Head, Cradle of Filth, Disturbed, Cannibal corpse, Apocalyptica, Dream theatre, Lamb of God, Marilyn Manson,Blink 182, After Forever, Sirenia, Suicide Silence, Sepultura, Seether, Theatre Of Tragedy,Theatres Des Vampires,Emilie Autumn, Imperia, Tristania... Anime I like: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Kannazuki no Miko Strawberry Panic My-HiME Naruto Hell Girl D.Grayman Death Note The Wallflower DNAngel Magikano Zero no Tsukaima Chobits Vampire Knight Tsubasa Code Geass Elfen Lied Rosario + Vampire 2 Wonderful Days Final Fantasy 1,2,3,4,5, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

this is real


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